How To Avoid Temptation When You Have A Girlfriend

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How to Avoid Temptation When You Have a Girlfriend

Nick Slade
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Young men spend most of their time looking for ways to find and mingle with temptation and will do just about anything to get lucky with a pretty girl. So, if you’re looking for ways to avoid temptation, that means you have found a special lady, and you don’t want to ruin things with her by “accidentally” making love to another woman.

That should be manageable, if you really care for your girlfriend. A little common sense and a few tricks should take care of it.

1. Change your old habits.

When you were a carefree single guy without a girlfriend, you surely had some regular “trolling” habits you followed religiously, hoping to find a nice girl who would fall for your boyish good looks and big blue eyes.

This is pretty easy to fix. Don’t go to the same hangouts that instantly put you into “on the prowl” mode. You had a lot of luck with the ladies at the happy hour at the corner pub and the big dance club on the weekends. Well, you got what you were going there for, so no need to go back.

I know, you can’t stay away. You have friends there and you’re addicted to darts and pool. No problem. Bring your girlfriend there with you sometimes, and introduce her to everyone you know — including your every-other-Tuesday babe.

Everyone will know you’re taken, and they will think about that sweet face of your girl before they try to seduce you. When you’re there alone, drink cola or juice instead of beer. And try the coffee shop sometimes.

You’ll find new friends there too, but they’re less likely to be loosened up with booze and hot to trot.


“If you’re serious about your new girl,

eliminate opportunities for big mistakes.”

2. Start a new schedule with old friends.

You don’t want to give up your friends just because you have a girlfriend, but many of them will still be looking for a girlfriend. So, get together with them for football games, and let them go and find girls by themselves.

And stay away from that diner where your old girlfriend works, because now that you have a pretty new girl, she might decide you’re interesting again.

3. Carry a reminder of her.

You can’t always avoid temptation, so sometimes you just have to stare it down. Keep a picture of her in your wallet or as the wallpaper on your cell phone. Look at her sweet smile when temptation comes knocking, and think about what you might be throwing away.

It could also be jewelry (a ring or pendant maybe) or something you carry in your pocket, like a pocket knife or a money clip she gave you. Anything to help you feel her presence and make her real in the moment will help.

Of course, you could always wear pink granny panties with pictures of Disney princesses on them. You’re not too likely to drop trow with those on underneath.

It’s pretty simple. If you’re serious about your new girl and your new direction in life, make some changes that will eliminate many of the opportunities for big mistakes, make her a part of every aspect of your life and keep your eye on the prize and your thumb on your moral compass.