I’ve Heard Rumors About Her. Do I Run, or Do I Stay?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I have been dating a woman for eight months. She is now pregnant with twins. She cheated on me after the first month we were together. I have been hearing “rumors” about her promiscuous relationships she had while she was with her former boyfriend. She tells me this is not true.

I don’t want to leave her because of my feelings for her and my unborn children, but I don’t want to be another guy she has done this to.

Do I believe the rumors and the fact she has cheated once already and run like hell, or do I stay?

-JD (Florida)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear JD,

Forget rumors and get the facts. Ask for a paternity test when the children are born, and then be a responsible father to them for their whole lives.

As for your relationship with her, you’ll never be able to grow love until you can grow trust.

If you confirm the children are yours, marry her and build a family. Set down clear ground rules that she should keep her marriage vows.

Don’t depend on rumors for your feelings. Man up and take control of this situation.

If the children are yours, you owe it to your kids to create a healthy family for them.

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