How To Get The Online Response You Want

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How to Get the Online Response You Want

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:
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Getting someone to give you the response you’re looking for is a difficult task. Throughout life, day in and day out, you ask questions and seek answers from friends, family, co-workers and your boss.

So how do you get them to tell you what you want to hear? And does this become even more difficult when it’s coming from a woman on one of your online dating sites? A woman you’ve never met.

If you’re looking for certain responses to online inquiries, first understand that you might never get it. That’s like going fishing and saying, “I want to catch a purple fish today.”

Sure, maybe you will. But you might also catch a red one or a pink one. So now that you understand you can’t always get what you want, what’s next?

1. Dangle bait.

You wouldn’t go fishing without bringing along a bucket of bait, would you? If you want a certain reply, then bait for that reply.

Do you want to meet her for an in-person date? Then give her an offer (the bait) she can’t refuse.

Don’t just ask her on a date. Tell her you have tickets to see her favorite band and plans for dinner at her favorite restaurant. She might not even be that into you, but it will be hard for her to say no.

2. Reel her in.

Let her know you’re an honest and true man looking for love (only if this actually describes you).

Give her ample information about yourself so she feels comfortable, and then reel her in. This will garner the response (whether verbal or physical) you’re looking for.

American film director and screenwriter Robert Bernard Altman once said, “I love fishing. You put that line in the water and you don’t know what’s on the other end. Your imagination is under there.”