I Kissed a Female Friend. Does She Have Feelings for Me?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I have this female friend. She thinks I would make an B+/A boyfriend, but she says there is no spark. One night after we went out partying, I decided to kiss her. She kissed me back in a major way.

We talked about it two days later and she said she only kissed because she was tipsy and she would never have kissed me sober. That ended up in an argument because she was acting no different from how she acts sober, and I said she probably had a desire to kiss me because of how she kissed me back.

I apologized and we are back to normal.

Do you think she does have feelings for me? Should I kiss her again?

-Oliver (Caribbean)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:


This girl is messing with your head. First she insults you by saying you would be a less-than-perfect boyfriend, and then she says you are only worth kissing when she’s drunk.

I’d put her squarely in the friend zone. And once you remove all that energy, watch how she reacts.

If she’s playing hard to get to save her reputation, she’ll have to come to terms with that when you stop pursuing.

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