I Want to Message Her More. Should I Trust My Mind or My Heart?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
Dr. Wendy Walsh Updated:
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Reader Question:

I went on a first date. It all ended with a heavy make-out session and we both went to our respective homes. I scheduled another date with her.

She text me letting me know she had a good time and we confirmed our plans. I want to message her more because I like her so much, but I am afraid she will get turned off.

Should I trust my mind or my heart?

-Stew (Louisiana)

Dr. Wendy:

Stew, you are dead right! If you can’t contain yourself and slow this train down, I promise you are headed for a crash.

After your second date, please wait at least five days before contacting her. This way she’ll wonder where you went and who you’re with.

This kind of anxiety in the early stages of love becomes that passion that can hold couples together for a long time.

And for darned sakes, don’t sleep with her for at least a month!

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