If Online Dating Makes You Lazy You May Lose Out

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If Online Dating Makes You Lazy, You May Lose Out

Nick Slade
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Online dating has certainly been a blessing for millions of people who have found the nerve and the ability to meet new people they would never have approached or even met in the real world. But all good things have a flip side to consider. A lot of guys are wondering if online dating has made them lazy daters.
It’s all about me.
It used to be that a guy had to put a lot of game into his dates to keep a lady’s interest. But now, with the next eager contender only a few mouse clicks away, some guys have adopted an “all about me” attitude.

You used to clean up, dress up and pat on a little cologne for the first date. Now, some guys will show up in yesterday’s T-shirt and blue jeans with a two-day growth of stubble on their face, no flowers, no smile and just a “S’up?” when he meets her. She doesn’t like it? Click. His smart phone is in his pocket, and he can try the next one in line.

Of course, this scenario is a bit extreme to be applicable to the majority of guys, but it is symptomatic of a kind of creeping lethargy that seems to be infecting modern dating protocol and decorum. It’s the law of supply and demand: When something is plentiful, it’s value decreases.

But here’s why the trend cannot really contaminate the dating scene:
Quality attracts quality.
First of all, a free market will automatically correct itself. The bad apples will be filtered out of the marketplace. Women will not accept or tolerate third-rate dates. Quality women don’t have to take the first guy to come along, so that will require men to be more competitive if they want to win the hearts of the most desirable girls.

The Law of Attraction will ensure that the guys who don’t want to try very hard will get the girls who don’t care much about the man they end up with. Those who are willing to put in the extra effort will reap the greater rewards.
Online screening.
The virtual world provides so many more opportunities to find women, but it also affords women the opportunity to screen their dates more thoroughly. The abundance of information about a guy online, from Google to Facebook to dating sites, gives women a better insight into what they might encounter when they meet a man.

There may already be a sort of “Angie’s List” where women can rate their experience with online dates. If there’s not, does anyone want to invest in a new website with me?