She Hasn’t Answered My Calls or Texts. Should I Leave Her Alone?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

I’m met a great girl on who I really like. We hung out once at her place and she wanted to have sex. I really liked her, so I said I wanted to come back the next day and take her on a real date.

She seemed really excited and asked me to text her the next day. She didn’t answer my text, so I waited a week and called. She didn’t answer, but I left a message. It’s been almost a month since I called.

Do I try to contact her anymore, or should I just leave her alone?

-Jeff (North Carolina)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

The truth is it doesn’t sound like she’s that into you, but if there’s one thing women love, it’s being pursued.

You haven’t overreached in your number of advances, so go for it once more. A month is a good amount of time for reflection. Give her another friendly shout-out (in other words, don’t mention not hearing from her).

Just be mentally prepared to walk away after that — for good. There are lots of other girls out there who would LOVE to date a man who wants to date them before sex.

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