Why is My Relationship Status on Facebook so Important to Women?

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:
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Women like titles — that’s just how we are. Whether we want to be someone’s “girlfriend” in middle school and high school, a “fiancé” in our 20s or “wife” in our 30s, ladies like to know where they stand. That’s why — like it or not — we will most likely check your Facebook profile until you change your status to “in a relationship.”

If you are in a relationship with a woman out in the “real world,” then you should be in a relationship in the “Facebook world.” This may seem silly and trivial to you, but to a woman it means that you are comfortable telling your friends, family, co-workers, ex-girlfriends and whoever else exists in your Facebook life that the two of you are an exclusive item. So do yourself a favor and save yourself some grief by updating your relationship status already. It’s just a few clicks of the mouse and you will have a very happy “in a relationship.”