10 Best Relationship Coaches 2023

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10 Best Relationship Coaches for 2023

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Not to be a buzzkill, but love isn’t enough when it comes to relationships. While love is obviously necessary in romantic relationships, it doesn’t do all the heavy lifting. Rather, it’s the foundation for a healthy, happy, and long-lasting partnership.

The happiest couples have shared values and goals, along with the tools they need to communicate with each other more effectively. They set boundaries and pursue growth. They support each other while simultaneously giving each other space to explore as individuals.

Many of these long-term relationship foundations are skills that couples develop over time. Some couples may need a little extra help but, for various reasons, do not feel they need therapy or want coaching as a supplement. This is where relationship coaches come in. Relationship coaches help couples build a relationship toolbox that helps them discover the full potential of themselves and their relationship.

This list of relationship coaches offers the best of professionals who want to help couples form more loving connections with each other. These coaches attend to the individual and couple and help them figure out how they can be the best partners they can be.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher | Kathy the Coach | Lisa Merlo-Booth | Couples Financial Coach | Nia Talks | Dr. Larry Cohen | Wendy Lynne | Mr. Jay Relationship Coach | Paige Bond | Juliette Smith 

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a relationship coach and marriage and family counselor. He holds a Master’s and Doctorate in Psychology and has been helping couples since 2004. He became a relationship therapist and coach because of his parent’s troubled relationship and to follow his personal quest to heal his own marriage. Dr. Wyatt said he believes that marriage and long-term relationship breakdowns happen when needs go unmet for long periods of time.

Couples have a lot of choices with Dr. Wyatt. His podcast and blog cover many common relationship conflicts and can help couples gain a new perspective. Dr. Wyatt’s Marriage Boot Camp program lets couples work through modules at their own pace. He also recommends an app called Keep the Glow, which helps couples communicate more effectively in the day-to-day.

Relationship coaching with Dr. Wyatt gives couples a lot of flexibility. Because Dr. Wyatt works with couples full time through his practice , his relationship coaching practice is aided by a group of trained pros. Dr. Wyatt trained this team with his unique methodologies and techniques to help couples reignite the spark.

More About Dr. Wyatt Fisher

  • Licensed Psychologist
  • In practice since 2004
  • Wide variety of coaching resources

Best for: Couples With Kids

Kathy the Coach works with couples, individuals, and families to help them build strong and long-lasting relationships. Kathy helps her clients look forward to and value spending time together, develop better modes of communication, and feel confident and secure in their relationships. Kathy views relationship coaching as an alternative to or supplement for counseling and works with couples to address their individual needs.

Kathy Dawson is based in Cleveland and has been a relationship coach since 1992. She has authored many books about relationships, marriages, and families and uses her three decades of experience to bring couples closer together. 

During coaching sessions with Kathy, couples will create a vision for their relationship and future. Kathy will review the couple’s relationship timeline to discover repetitive cycles that must be addressed. From there, Kathy helps her clients develop all aspects of their relationship, from communication to parenting finances.

More About Kathy the Coach

  • Based in Cleveland
  • Over 30 years of coaching experience
  • Helps singles, couples, and families

Best for: Creating a Bright Relationship Future 

Lisa Merlo-Booth is passionate about helping couples through their journey to the best version of their relationship. Lisa is a relationship expert and speaker known for accessible and easily accessible advice. She has over 20 years of experience in coaching, with a career-long focus on women and couples. Lisa’s experience with her clients has shown her how damaging dysfunctional marriages can be for couples and families.

Lisa takes a direct and no-nonsense approach with couples. She has observed that many relationship coaches are hesitant to ‘take sides.’ While Lisa says she always retains a professional level of impartiality, she says she sees problems for what they are, and encourages both partners to take accountability for past wrongs. Lisa offers in-person and virtual coaching.

Lisa’s start and one of her passions alongside couples coaching is coaching women. In her professional and personal life, she has seen many unhappy women who have settled for less than they desired. Lisa has a passion for helping women find a grounded, inner strength that enables them to navigate their lives and relationships with more authenticity and clarity.

More About Lisa Merlo-Booth

  • Over 20 years of relationship coaching experience
  • Direct and to-the-point approach
  • Urges couples to take accountability for their actions

Best for: Experience With Coaching Women

Couples Financial Coach helps couples achieve financial clarity, fairness, teamwork, and peace of mind. Money-related stress can severely impact relationships, causing intense discord and constant fights about the same issues. Adam Kol is the coach behind Couples Financial Coach. He believes couples can overcome money struggles and find the financial peace they’ve been searching for.

Before becoming a couples financial coach, Adam graduated from Duke Law and earned a Masters in Tax Law from NYU. He has a diverse background in mediation, tax law, and financial advising. Throughout this portion of his career, Adam learned a lot about money. He also observed that many financial problems couples face can be avoided and resolved.

Adam helps couples identify corresponding values and create a shared financial goal through his coaching practice. He’s a Certified Financial Therapist specializing in guiding couples through conflict resolution. He offers three levels of coaching, from an on-demand, DIY approach to intensive sessions and financial plans.

More About Couples Financial Coach

  • Financial expert with a specialty in helping couples
  • Certified Financial Therapist
  • Background in tax law and mediation

Best for: Easing Money-Related Stress

Nia Talks


Nia Talks is helmed by Nia Priester, a Licensed Behavioral Specialist based in Pennsylvania. Nia is a Certified Professional Coach with a focus on the treatment of anger management. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her offerings include an intensive couples coaching package that takes couples on a 4-week relationship-strengthening journey.

Nia’s couples relationship coaching program includes 4-5 sessions with Nia and customized take-home exercises. During this 4-to-5-week intensive course, Nia helps couples identify past hurts and set goals for their relationship. She challenges her clients to establish healthy boundaries and take control of their lives and relationships.

Modern couples face modern problems. Nia knows that relationship advice from 20 years ago doesn’t always translate well today, so she takes a nuanced and informed approach. She helps couples remember why they chose each other and gives them the tools they need to reach their relationship goals.

More About Nia Talks

  • Diverse background in professional coaching and anger management
  • Specialty in improving communication
  • 4-to-5-week intensive couples coaching program

Best for: Tackling 21st Century Relationship Problems

Dr. Larry Cohen is a therapist and life coach based in New Jersey. Dr. Cohen is a licensed clinical psychotherapist specializing in helping his therapy clients resolve painful emotions and dysfunctional behaviors. Distinct from his psychotherapy practice, Dr. Cohen is also a life coach. As a coach, Dr. Cohen helps his clients set goals and take practical steps to achieve them.

Dr. Cohen’s relationship coaching approach sees both partners as individuals. He helps couples share their vision for the future and reassess their goals. Couples will investigate what is blocking them from reaching these goals in a safe environment where they can speak freely and listen constructively. Then, Dr. Cohen and the couple will decide on a plan to achieve those goals. 

While Dr. Cohen’s practice is based in New Jersey, he offers online coaching services. Dr. Cohen will assess couples during their first coaching session, deciding whether he is the right fit for their needs. Throughout the process, Dr. Cohen’s person-centered approach to coaching helps couples find security and confidence in their connection.

More About Dr. Larry Cohen

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Separate therapy and life coaching services
  • Online and in-office coaching options

Best for: Person-Centered Approach

Wendy Lynne is done with blame games. Wendy is a life and couples coach with a background in sociology. Her own life was changed forever when she realized that failure is inevitable, and instead of being fearful of it, people should embrace it, and learn from it. In overcoming her own struggles, Wendy gained a lot of invaluable wisdom.

Wendy helps couples who are feeling a lack of intimacy in their relationships. Communication may be failing, or the spark has been lost. Wendy bypasses rehashing old arguments and gets to the heart of her client’s issues. She doesn’t treat surface-level symptoms. Instead, she addresses the root of the problem. 

During couples coaching with Wendy, couples let go of the past and forgive past wrongs. Wendy helps them let go of resentment and start fresh with their partner. She helps her clients address their feelings of anger, hurt, and distrust and replace them with happiness and confidence.

More About Wendy Lynne

  • Personal experience overcoming struggles and finding joy
  • Internal Family Systems Therapist
  • Bachelor’s in sociology

Best for: Changing Couples’ Mindsets

Mr. Jay has one objective in relationship coaching – to coach his clients into the happiest, most in-touch version of themselves so they can live their truest lives. Mr. Jay decided to start relationship coaching after overcoming a challenging childhood and adolescence, and plenty of hardships in adulthood. Now married with kids, he’s dedicated to helping others find the happiness he has.

Mr. Jay takes a sensitive, no-nonsense approach to relationship coaching. He helps couples acknowledge what’s holding them back and take accountability for their past mistakes. He incorporates a variety of techniques that address the couples and both individuals. Mr. Jay helps couples realize that they can only show up for each other once they’ve shown up for themselves.

Mr. Jay’s expertise includes premarital coaching, conflict resolution, and betrayal trauma. Mr. Jay exclusively meets with clients virtually, which means he’s accessible to potential clients, no matter where they live. 

More About Mr. Jay

  • Experience as an ordained minister and life coach
  • Meets clients where they are
  • Lived experiences help Mr. Jay help his clients

Best for: Couples Struggling With Betrayal

Paige Bond


Paige Bond takes on something relationship coaches tend to avoid – open relationships. Also referred to as ethical non-monogamy, open relationships are complex and necessitate a coaching approach of its own. Ethical non-monogamy is a practice many couples take on together and with clear and agreed-upon boundaries. 

Paige helps couples navigate this dynamic and build an intimate and deep relationship while practicing ethical non-monogamy. Paige helps couples deal with the common obstacles in open relationships, like fears about a partner leaving the relationship or feelings of inadequacy. As a relationship coach, Paige helps her clients feel secure in their open relationships and bid goodbye to the jealousy monster. 

Through couples coaching, Paige helps her clients agree to realistic boundaries and treat each other with compassion. She offers a special 12-week coaching program called Jealousy to Joy. During this 12-week journey, Paige helps couples feeling stuck, jealous, and insecure find joy and intimacy in ethical non-monogamy.

More About Paige Bond

  • Experience with singles, couples, and polycules
  • Focus on ethical non-monogamous dating
  • Specialty in overcoming jealousy

Best for: Non-Monogamous Couples

Juliette Smith knows that couples face many challenges. Juliette has seen it all as a relationship coach, from commitment issues and unresolved conflicts to a lack of intimacy and communication struggles. Juliette is based in the Berkshire area of the United Kingdom and has been working as a relationship expert and coach for over 20 years.

As a coach, Juliette focuses on the future and techniques that help couples build better relationships. Her methods include in-depth questionnaires, facilitated dialogues, psycho-education, and communication exercises. Juliette has worked with singles and couples. She works to give her clients tools they can use for a while, even after coaching is over.

Juliette has plenty of free advice on her website, where she writes blogs that explore common relationship struggles. Couples interested in her coaching can schedule a consultation, during which Juliette will get into the nitty-gritty of the problems that a couple is facing.

More About Juliette Smith

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Online courses and downloadable e-books

Best for: U.K.-Based Coaching

Love may not be the only thing it takes to keep a relationship afloat, but couples shouldn’t let that discourage them. Sharing a deep and one-of-a-kind connection with another person is a precious experience that can’t be dismissed. In fact, it should be celebrated.

Couples who share this kind of connection have the foundation they need to address the problems in their relationship. No couple is perfect and every relationship experiences hardships. The healthiest and longest-lasting relationships are often ones in which couples use their love for each other as the reason to work on their relationship.

Coaching is an excellent step for couples whose reason for being is love and whose goal is to stay together. These coaches all offer something different through varied approaches and philosophies. The broad range represented on this list ensures that all kinds of couples will find a coach to help them arrive at the best version of themselves and their relationship.