3 Profile Mistakes Women Make

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3 Profile Mistakes Women Make

Gina Stewart
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Ladies, I am writing you this article today from the POV of the man, of whom I’ve worked with many to understand how they view women’s profiles and what prompts them to write a woman.

Here are three lessons learned to help you get more men pursuing you.

1. Bad pictures.

Men are visual creatures. You must accept and use this to your advantage. Get good quality photos taken of yourself — especially for your primary.

The better your primary photo is, the more men will click on your profile and contact you. If you don’t take advantage of the primary photo opportunity, all the other time you spend on your profile won’t matter.

Use your assets here. Normally I recommend a flattering and feminine, close up facial for your primary photo. If your body is better than your face, use that to your advantage and consider a flattering shot of your figure.


“If he emails you, it means

he wants to get to know you.”

2. Sexy pictures.

There is a line that separates flattering pictures and overtly sexual pictures. While pictures and attraction are important to men, you’re going to get back what you put out there.

If you put sex kitten, Vegas clubbing, sexy Halloween costume photos or photos of your cleavage, posing on a bed or in any visible underwear, well please don’t be surprised or complain how men keep sending you sexualized emails.

You get what you give in your pictures. If you want to be seen as more than just a piece of meat to a man, you need to look like more than just that.

If you want emails about how interesting you are, put up pictures doing interesting things. Let your pictures tell things about you.

3. Overwriting.

As I mentioned before, men are visual. They are going to look at your profile pictures first and usually decide based on your pictures if they want to contact you.

So what is a woman’s written profile used for? Men skim your written profile for interesting tidbits to write you about.

They scan your profile looking for length, and if it’s very long, it’s overwhelming to them and reminiscent of homework. Use the KISS system in writing your profile to men (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

There will be some men who read your entire profile. They are not the norm. Stop getting mad about it.

If he emails you, it means he wants to get to know you. You can’t blame him if he’d rather do it in person than through reading your autobiography.