3 Things To Remember When Breaking Up With Him

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3 Things to Remember When Breaking Up with Him

Stephan Labossiere
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Breaking up is never easy. It’s tough to walk away from the time and energy you have invested into a relationship, but it still may be best to let go.

In making this decision, there is plenty you should be aware of so you can take a better approach and be prepared for what you may be up against.

Here are three things you should remember when breaking up is the next step.

1. Just be honest.

Telling a lie will likely bring confusion and doubt to your decision to let go. This will only give him more ammunition to fight your attempt to leave him.

When things don’t add up, people go searching for more answers which can lead to more drama and a more difficult breakup.

Being honest may not elicit the reaction you want at that moment, but it will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.


“At the end of the day, you can only

control how you handle the situation.”

2. He probably won’t go quietly.

He could be the “good guy” who loves you so much or the douche bag you held on to for too long. Either way, he may not be willing to embrace you leaving him.

Nobody likes to get dumped. Even when we know it’s best, the pill is still a hard one to swallow.

A lot of women struggle after the breakup because the guy just won’t give up. This should be expected to some extent.

If you are genuine about moving in a new direction, then you just have to continually stand your ground because any perceived wavering will simply prolong the process.

3. Someone is going to get hurt.

It could be you, him, family or friends. One way or another, someone is likely to be hurt by this breakup, and there isn’t much you can do to avoid that.

Never let that be a reason to remain in a situation you know in your heart isn’t best. Just take a positive approach and let the rest sort itself out.

It is better to leave and allow the healing to begin than to stay in a negative cycle that causes further damage.

At the end of the day, you can only control how you handle the situation, so always focus on putting your best foot forward and doing what is truly best for you.

This will help you in your growth as a person and allow you to move in a direction filled with great things to come.

Ladies, which tip are you going to remember the next time you’re faced with a breakup?

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