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10 Best Online Dating Coaches of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Dating itself can be hard for anyone to navigate. Online dating? That’s another conversation entirely. Dating apps and sites have become the norm for meeting new people over the past decade, but many see it as more of a necessary evil. 

Gone are the days of meeting a partner “in the wild” because love now seems to start with a swipe. If you’re someone who finds online dating to be a battlefield, fear not — online dating coaches are here to help. These experts can help you along your journey to find your perfect match, whether it’s by crafting a fantastic dating app profile, coming up with cute opening messages, or even establishing the self-confidence to put yourself out there online.

Read on for all the deets you’ll want to know about the 10 best online dating coaches for 2023.

Max Alley | Julie Spira | Amie Leadingham | Laurie Davis Edwards | Damona Hoffman | Eddie Hernandez | Perri Schneider | Karina Pamamull | Alexis Sclamberg | Grace Lee

Max Alley


Max Alley, online dating coach and owner of Match Up Online Dating, knows quite a bit about how dating apps work — and how you can make them work for you. Max spent five years of his career working for the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, where he helped thousands of people carefully craft their CMB profiles. It was from this experience that Max started Match Up. 

Living and dating in New York City is no joke, so NYC residents should take advantage of Max’s in-person dating profile workshops. In these personalized, one-on-one sessions, he will completely transform your online dating game. 

Choosing the right dating apps can be tough when you’re just starting out, so Max’s background in the online dating industry is a perfect fit for clients who want to get their footing. Max’s expertise, which covers everything from developing a perfectly customized bio that shows off your personality to crafting initial messages to engage and enthrall your matches, can help you hit the ground running to find any kind of relationship you want.

More About Max Alley

  • Five years of experience in the dating app industry
  • Offers date-planning services
  • Growing his team with new dating coaches

Best for: Catering your profile to the dating app algorithms. 

Julie Spira is known as the “Cyber Dating Expert” — and for good reason. Julie has over 25 years of experience helping singles find love online, whether they’re baby boomers or starting their dating app journey in college. Julie wrote a tell-all memoir detailing her journey as a single woman dating online, titled “The Perils of Cyber-Dating,” which also serves as an entertaining road map to how an expert navigated the beginnings of meeting people on the web. 

Julie’s coaching sessions offer plenty of benefits for her clients. Those who book a “Going Steady” session will walk away with an entirely new outlook on their dating life — and a new dating app profile. Julie will help you choose the best photos, build your bio and information, and even provide tips on messages to send your matches. 

If you feel like you need more intensive, long-term help on your online dating journey, you can apply for Julie’s “VIP” package; this package not only includes a three-month dating plan, a whopping 10 individual coaching calls with Julie, but she’ll even provide matchmaking services and help you prep for your first date!

More About Julie Spira

  • One of the pioneers of online dating
  • Has been featured on the “Today” show
  • Also offers matchmaking services

Best for: Mature daters who may be new to online dating.

Amie Leadingham’s powerful, personal love story inspired her to begin helping singles who have found themselves struggling with dating. Many people get stuck in patterns of disappointment or toxic relationships that don’t meet their needs, so Amie’s work as a certified dating coach aims to change this narrative. 

Amie’s approach to coaching is unique due to its focus on “conscious dating.” This is her way of teaching others to stop their limiting beliefs around love, and make intentional choices that can lead them to a healthy, lasting partnership. 

Singles interested in working with Amie can invest in her online dating coaching program and revamp their dating profiles, attract the right matches, and learn to message with intention so they can build the relationship of their dreams. 

More About Amie Leadingham

  • Master Certified Relationship Coach
  • Author of “A Woman’s Handbook To Online Dating”
  • Offers group coaching

Best for: Reframing your view of dating and getting rid of limiting beliefs.

Laurie Davis Edwards, aka “Star,” is the founder and CEO of eFlirt, an online dating coaching service. As a true veteran of online dating (and flirting), Star’s own journey of finding love on Twitter led her to become a smashing success in the dating industry. To date, eFlirt has helped facilitate over 500 relationships that led to marriage. 

Star’s book, “Love At First Click: The Ultimate Guide To Online Dating,” is an all-encompassing bible of sorts for people looking for love on the internet. After she started online dating back in 2001, Star said she realized she had plenty of advice and guidance to offer singles who are now swiping their lives away on dating apps. 

eFlirt is currently hosting a comprehensive master class on building the perfect dating app profile, and singles can get all access to this four-part video series for only $97. 

More About Laurie Davis Edwards

  • Owns eFlirt with her husband, Thomas Edwards
  • Started online dating in 2001
  • Found love on Twitter

Best for: People who want a serious, lifelong relationship. 

Certified dating coach Damona Hoffman is all about helping singles approach dating as their full selves to gain authentic love. When you’re looking for advice about ways to maximize your results but minimize your time scrolling through dating apps,stick to guidance from a true expert.

As an online dating coach to celebrities and regular folks alike, Damona has made a name for herself in the dating world. Her podcast, “The Dates and Mates Podcast,” is a fantastic resource for daters wanting well-rounded, holistic advice for their love lives. Damona offers her own input and interviews many expert guests on topics ranging from manifesting a partner to ways to effectively communicate in a relationship. 

Individual coaching with Damona is personalized to your needs, and she also offers several unique program options for those wanting long-term or self-paced insight. One program, her “ 30 Day Dating Playbook,” is a course for people who need to change their limiting or negative beliefs about dating. With Damona’s help, not only can clients begin to believe in love again, but they can find it for themselves.

More About Damona Hoffman

  • Host of “The Dates and Mates Podcast”
  • Official Love Expert on “The Drew Barrymore Show”
  • Coaches both men and women

Best for: Getting empowered and taking control of your own love life.

Eddie Hernandez has made a name for himself in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the globe as a talented photographer, but he has a little-known secret: He’s also a skilled dating and lifestyle coach. Over the years, he has spent photographing countless men and women all around the world, and he has heard it all when it comes to horror stories of online dating and modern relationships. 

It was from these experiences photographing singles and learning their stories that Eddie decided to launch his coaching services for daters. Eddie is an expert at helping others build a personal brand, work on their image, and put their best foot forward when making a first impression. 

Additionally, Eddie offers singles advice on crafting their dating app profiles, how to use their best judgment when meeting new people, and even ways to shift their mindset around dating so they get the best results they can.    

More About Eddie Hernandez

  • Professional portrait photographer
  • Has been featured in The New York Times
  • Also offers image consulting

Best for: Working on your image and personal dating “brand.”

If you’re sick of online dating and dying to delete your dating apps for good, you’re not alone. Perri Schneider had that experience for years, and she now works with frustrated singles to create a strategy to find their perfect match online. Perri has helped many daters shift their mindset around online dating. 

Perri’s work and advice has been featured in a number of media outlets, including Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast and Elite Daily. Her tips on things like writing the perfect first message and making the most out of your dating app profile can take you far. 

If you’re looking to invest in online dating coaching, Perri offers weekly Zoom sessions to help your dating life with personalized advice, outside resources (like podcasts and books) she curates just for your situation, and even direct text access to Perri outside of your sessions. 

More About Perri Schneider

  • Is a frequent expert guest on many popular podcasts
  • Her own experiences with dating apps inspired her business
  • Variety of services for online daters

Best for: Non-judgmental, encouraging coaching sessions. 

Karina Pamamull is a dating and romance influencer and the founder of Datelicious — a site full of tips and advice on navigating the modern dating scene. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in an “it’s complicated” situation, Karina and the expert guests at Datelicious have plenty of insight to help you along your love life journey. 

In addition to writing advice blogs on Datelicious, Karina also hosts workshops, singles’ events, and runs coaching programs for people who need a little extra help when it comes to putting themselves out there. 

Articles on topics like dating in the age of Coronavirus and getting over a breakup can be found on Datelicious, and Karina’s honest but humorous approach to this advice makes it accessible and enjoyable for all audiences.

More About Karina Pamamull

  • Based in Australia
  • Has 21.5k followers on Instagram
  • Known for her dating spot recommendations

Best for: Entertaining and relatable dating content and advice.

Alexis Sclamberg is no ordinary online dating coach. Like other coaches, she was inspired to begin coaching daters after having difficult relationship experiences of her own, but her approach to helping singles is definitely unique. 

Alexis uses tools she learned from neuroscience and elements of spirituality to encourage struggling singles. These two areas have informed her heart-centered approach to dating coaching, and have also helped her reach personal success in both her career and love life. 

Alexis’ upcoming book, “Tired of Dating & Sick of Waiting? Do This,” will be a great tool that any dater can use to access her well-rounded perspective on finding love and manifesting the life of your dreams. 

More About Alexis Sclamberg

  • Trained under researcher and author Brene Brown and lecturer Joe Dispenza
  • Also owner of Borrowed Wisdom, a personal growth company
  • Licensed California attorney

Best for: An approach to dating based in science and spirituality.

Grace Lee


Grace Lee can attest to how tough it can be to go through a divorce or breakup and learn how to date again after the end of a long-term relationship. When her marriage ended and she had to start dating as a single mom in New York City, experience was her best teacher. From there, she realized her passion for helping others navigate their own dating lives — and learning to love it along the way. 

Grace’s mission for coaching singles is not only to help them build a good dating app profile or get dates to begin with, she also wants her clients to feel empowered and actually begin to enjoy dating itself. She said she feels that without a positive outlook, her clients are less likely to find success.

A strategic, step-by-step approach helps Grace really hone in on her clients’ needs, past dating history, cycles of behavior, and where they want to be. With each step of her coaching process, she helps them evaluate their habits and learn how to change what needs tweaking to help them find the amazing relationship they deserve. 

More About Grace Lee

  • Based in New York City
  • Went from matchmaking to date coaching
  • Advice featured on Elite Daily, Bustle, and Zoosk

Best for: Learning to love the process of dating.

While it may seem like online dating coaches are a dime a dozen, putting in the effort to research their backgrounds and approach to coaching may help you find the most suitable option out there. If you’re looking for someone who uses a gentle, trauma-informed method, it may benefit you to find a dating expert with a background in psychology. If you want some tough love and honesty, seek out a coach who identifies with that approach. 

When it comes to dating, the best way to go is to have fun, learn more about yourself, and enjoy meeting new people. This doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, so accepting the help of a relationship expert can get you there. The best online dating coaches are those who make each dater feel like they have a teammate on their side, and these coaches do a fantastic job at doing just that.