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Single Parents Can Find Romance & Community on Frolo

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Frolo is a community and dating app created by single parents, for single parents. Zoë Desmond founded the app after becoming a single parent and realizing how few resources parents like her had when it came to building community. Zoë talked to us about her story, why she created Frolo, and how the app continues to build communities and nurture relationships. There are enough challenges that come with being a single parent, so Frolo ensures dating and making friends is as simple as possible.

On last year’s National Single Parent’s Day, March 21, the Census Bureau released some stats and reflections on single parenthood in the United States. The study showed that almost a quarter of American children live with one parent and no other adults. That’s more than three times the share of children around the world who do so.

Twenty-three percent of U.S. children live in a single-parent household, as compared to 3% of children in China, 4% in Nigeria, and 15% in Canada. Single parents and their children make up a big chunk of the population, yet there’s often a lot of stigma and outdated narratives that surround single-parent households. Single parents are often an underserved portion of the population who need support.

Frolo is an app that’s helping single parents find community and connect with potential dates, all with unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Zoë Desmond is a single parent and the founder of Frolo, and she talked to us about the community building and dating app and how Frolo is helping single parents have thriving, supported, and positive experiences.

“I didn’t know any other single parents when I became a single parent, and I was really struggling with navigating life as a new mom dealing with the end of a relationship,” Zoë said. “Single parents deal with so many challenges, and it can be hard to find connection. I started Frolo because I really wanted to help single parents, and give them the kind of support I wish I had.”

Zoë’s Journey to Founding Frolo

Zoë became a single parent in 2018 when her son was one year old. She said the end of her relationship with her son’s father, combined with the adjustment that comes with the first year of being a parent, made for a challenging time.

“I was navigating life as a new mom, and grieving the end of this relationship, and grieving the idea of a family unit I had for so long,” Zoë said. “I found myself really craving connection with other single parents. I didn’t know any single parents, and it was lonely and isolating.”

Strong and healthy relationships are one of the most important factors when it comes to overall life satisfaction, and Zoë said she realized single parents need relationships with like-minded people who understand what it’s like to be a single parent. When she went to look for an app made to connect single parents, she couldn’t find anything.

zoë desmond, frolo founder
Zoë founded Frolo to give single parents the social support they need.

“I wasn’t looking to start a business, I just wanted to create an app that made community easier,” Zoë told us. “I searched high and low for something that would fit the bill, and I just couldn’t find anything. I felt like I needed to do it myself, so I launched in 2019.”

Zoë said Frolo has thousands of users within days of being available for download and continues to shift the narrative around single parenthood. “On traditional dating apps, it’s so common for single parents to see the word baggage being used to describe having children,” she said. “It’s hard enough to pluck up the courage to get on a dating app, and it’s discouraging to be met with that.” 

There are several harmful narratives around single parents in the dating scene, and often, single parents are treated poorly. “It’s so easy to feel like we’re on the back foot, like we should be grateful anyone wants to date us,” Zoë said. “Our community needs a safe, understanding, and mindful dating space, and that’s what Frolo is.”

Frolo Makes Parents’ Lives Easier

Frolo started as a place to build community and friendships and recently added a dating feature in response to popular demand. Zoë said Frolo’s goal with a dating feature was to create a place where single parents could find a respectful and safe online dating experience.

“Frolo has two modes now,” Zoë explained, “a community mode and dating mode. Every user on Frolo dating is verified, meaning there are no fake users, and everyone is a single parent. It really adds a layer of trust and respect to the platform. We’re also trying to stay on top of adding new features to make the experience as great as possible.”

Frolo recently added an anti-ghosting feature to its dating mode. The feature prompts users who have unanswered messages with a few suggested responses. “They’re given options, one is to send a message that says they’ve had a busy week and will get back to them soon. Another is a message that says they’ve found someone, or they’re just done looking at the moment.”

frolo modes
Frolo has extensive features in its dating and community modes.

Frolo’s anti-ghosting feature is a breath of fresh air in the dating app scene. Maintaining good dating etiquette is always a good idea, and when you’re dating online that means avoiding ghosting, zombieing, breadcrumbing, and all the other -ings plaguing the scene.

The dating and community modes are completely separate features, both within the same app. This allows parents to keep their profiles separate, and there’s no obligation to use both features. Frolo’s community feature gives users access to a social feed, personal chats, friend discovery, and opportunities for IRL meetups.

Single parents can browse other user posts and browse profiles of single parents in their areas. It’s easy to organize a girls’ or guys’ night out, or even a playdate with the kids. Parents have tons of options on Frolo and can tailor their experience on the app to their unique dating and community-building needs. Single parents need flexibility, and Frolo honors that.

Joyful Dating as a Single Parent

Being a single parent while dating is a singular experience, and Zoë said she firmly believes it can be an amazing one. It’s all about entering the journey with reasonable expectations, and only once you’re ready to be emotionally vulnerable and available again. 

“One wonderful part about dating other single parents is that you both prioritize your kids,” Zoë said. “And that’s really lovely. You know that your partner will understand the ups and downs and challenges and be able to deal with them on a daily basis. Beyond that, they can empathize and really understand what you’re going through.”

frolo app
Frolo makes single parents lives easier and more connected.

When it comes to advice for single parents, Zoë encouraged singles to approach dating with intention. “Don’t date till you’re ready. And really make sure that you’re at a point where you’re not viewing dating as finding someone to come in and fix everything for you, but rather someone who will enrich your life.”

Zoë advised single parents to take it slow and take plenty of time to reflect and heal before reentering dating. “Make sure you love yourself first,” she said. “Do whatever work you need to do, and enter with an open mind. Whatever happens, you’re going to be OK.”

Zoë said she created Frolo so single parents could have a place to feel empowered in dating. “Single parents have this automatic respect for each other, and we see it all the time on Frolo. That respect can lead to really beautiful and extremely supportive relationships.”

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