He Didn’t Respond to My Texts. What’s Going On?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I went out with this guy for the first time. The night went well and he said we would have to do it again very soon. Then he invited me out again but had to cancel because he didn’t have a babysitter for his 7-year-old daughter.

I sent him a text in the morning and he sent me a text that night saying “Hey beautiful,” but when I said, “Hi. How are you?” he didn’t respond.

What is going on?

-Kristina (Pennsylvania)

Dr Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

My sweet, hopeful Kristina,

Please don’t text men in the early stages of the mating dance, or I may have to pull your girls club card.

Men want to be the chaser, so let him chase a bit.

Also, parents have a very different sense of time. His week may have gotten away from him and by Friday he might have thought, “Darn, where did that nice Kristina go? I haven’t heard from her.”

Instead, you made yourself too available. Next time, contain yourself. When in doubt, wait and see.

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