How Can Girls Ask Guys Out in a Tasteful Way?

Sam Stieler
Sam Stieler Updated:
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Even in today’s progressive world of relative gender equality, there are still a few “final frontiers” that men and women have yet to cross. In the world of dating and relationships, one of the last bastions of rigid gender roles lies in the expectation that the man will always make the first move and ask the woman out.

But it’s entirely possible for women to ask men out, and even with gender expectations as they are, women are able to ask men out in a tasteful manner that won’t seem inappropriate or strange to either of them.

Unsurprisingly, when a woman wants to ask a man out tastefully, she simply needs to follow the same basic rules men have to abide by when they want to ask women out tastefully. She needs to keep things casual, not place a lot of expectations on the date or the man, and remain relaxed and low-key so he feels comfortable saying no if he isn’t interested.

She needs to plan out a short, fun date that will give them a chance to get to know each other without the pressure of a candlelight dinner. And she needs to act politely, respectfully and with a sense of humor if her man chooses to decline.

Ultimately, there is always a certain amount of awkwardness involved in asking anyone out on a date, or in being asked out for that matter, but with a tasteful approach, you maximize your chances of success and minimize the possibility of you or your partner suffering from embarrassment in the event of a rejection.