How Women Can Balance Social Lives And Relationships

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How Women Can Balance Social Lives and Relationships

Kara Pound
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Hands down one of the best ways to balance your social life and a relationship is to intermingle the two. This doesn’t mean your boyfriend and your best friend need to hang out 24/7. It just means they should relatively enjoy being around each other — making your life a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Instead of having to choose between the two, you’ll have your cake and be able to eat it, too.

Include everyone at one event.

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party, family function or charity benefit, you should feel comfortable including your beau and all of your good friends together at one event.

They don’t need to be all huddled in the corner talking about how much they love each other, but they should certainly be kind and realize that they have love for a fantastic person in common — you.


“A delicate balance of your social life

and relationships depends on you.”

What if your friends and beau don’t like each other?

What if it gets to the point that you have to start making difficult choices? Then something must not be gelling and needs to be addressed.

If it’s a guy you’d like a future with or a friend you care deeply about, then confront them and say, “What you’re doing is making my life difficult and I need you to be more understanding.”

So say your friends and boyfriend get along famously.

This doesn’t mean you should all spend every weekend and happy hour together. There needs to be time that is committed to each as separate entities.

Girl time is essential. Plan special weekends and sleepovers, don’t spend the entire time talking about your boyfriend, and focus on where you are and whom you’re with.

The same goes for spending quality time with your guy. When you’re together, don’t gossip the entire time about your friends and the lady drama in your life — boring! Instead, make a special effort to be in the present.

A delicate balance of your social life and relationships depends on you. The percentage of attention you give to each is a conscious decision — remember that.