Ilana Muhlstein Advises Couples To Reach Weight Loss Goals

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Ilana Muhlstein Shares Advice On How Couples Can Meet Their Weight Loss Goals Together

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The Short Version: With great support and an even greater plan, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals. Dietitian and nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein educates people on how they can reach their body goals the right way. Over the years, Ilana has been involved in nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations that have changed people’s lives. Couples can take advantage of amazing meal plans and programs to make this new year a healthy one! 

A new year has finally arrived! It’s just something about the new year that encourages people to be optimistic about the future and aim for new goals. It’s the perfect time to say goodbye to bad habits and pick up new healthier ones. Losing weight is a common goal that people share in the new year. Oftentimes you can find gyms filled with eager and hopeful individuals ready to embark on a healthy journey. 

Although the gyms tend to be filled with determined faces at the beginning of the year,more people often skip the gym as the year progresses. There’s a reason why the gym memberships drop in numbers — the motivation wanes! To help people keep hope alive, dietitian and nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein shares her insight on how people can meet their weight loss goals. 

Picture of Ilana Muhlstein.
Ilana Muhlstein is here to help you on your weight loss journey.

Couples can take advantage of a great opportunity to get fit and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle together with Ilana’s aid. Regardless of their age, couples are encouraged to participate in physical activities together. According to Psychology Today, couples who work out together develop a better bond and gain an accountability partner. 

Ilana told us that her mission is simple: to show people that a healthy lifestyle is easier and much more attainable than they think. After discovering the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, Ilana wanted to help other people in their journey to wellness as well. Through meal plans and weight loss programs, Ilana proudly stands by her clients 100%of the way. 

“When you learn to lose weight from someone who lost 100 pounds and has kept it off, who is also a qualified dietitian and expert, your weight loss journey can be more successful, healthy, and sustainable,” Ilana told us.

Aiming for A Healthier New Year Together

At 13 years old, Ilana weighed 215 pounds and found herself depending on comfort food for a great deal of time. It wasn’t until she realized that she had to put in the required effort and work to get the results she desired.

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With Ilana’s help, couples can learn how to properly lose weight.

We frequently associate losing weight with changing the way we eat and including a lot of workouts throughout the week. Even though these are all great ways to start, it’s much deeper than that. For Ilana, losing over 100 pounds didn’t require a strict diet or her being hard on herself but a change in mindset. Ilana said all it took were small and simple tweaks to her food environment, nutrition selection, and emotional reactions. 

“People think calorie counting, deprivation, lengthy workouts, and fasting is the only answer. It’s not,” said Ilana. “When people try to lose weight without proper guidance, they often engage in behaviors that make them miserable and lack long-term results.”

Since she realized her own weight loss, Ilana said that she has wanted to advise people on the best and healthiest way to live. Ilana received the right tools to give back to people through self-discovery and her time spent at the University of Maryland and Northeastern University. Couples can find comfort in knowing that Ilana was once in their shoes and that they too can achieve their weight loss goals.

From Snack Guides to Meal Deliveries

Another major misconception that people tend to run with when it comes to losing weight is that you have to starve yourself to get the body results you’ve always wanted. But Ilana quickly reminds her clients that’s not the route to go. Ilana learned that the best results come from eating more foods that have high nutritional value. 

“Every meal is delicious, fresh, and satisfying, while designed to fit your health, weight, and wellness goals. The meals are completely dairy-free and gluten-free and there are vegan and vegetarian options as well,” said Ilana. “Expect lots of flavorful veggies, hearty proteins, incredible sides, and gourmet sauces that have been curated by Ilana, yet prepared by local chefs in your region.”

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The 2B Mindset program has changed the way people lose weight.

With Ilana’s support, couples have access to snack guides and meal deliveries that can help make their health journey a lot easier. Ilana created two helpful programs for people to explore: 2B Mindset and 2B Pregnant. Clients quickly learn that they don’t have to give up wine, carbs, or treats in between. Ilana told us that there is no such thing as “no” foods on the plans, but she aims to teach clients what and how to eat for maximum energy, weight loss, and satisfaction throughout the day. 

Following the plan is great, but doing it with your partner is even better. Couples learn the importance of drinking water and consuming more veggies and high-quality protein in their diet. Ilana said that instead of thinking of a sweet as a cheat, she advises her clients to think of it as a treat. Clients give Ilana praise for creating a favorable plan that actually works! 

“The past year, I’ve just hit a wall and my nutrition has been slacking. When FIRE AND FLOWING came out I got so motivated and excited for a program that I was ready to go all in, and get my nutrition back to where I want it to be,” said one of Ilana’s clients, Kylie Ahlquist in a testimonial.

Ilana Muhlstein: Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Bestselling Author

Over the years, Ilana has encountered a lot of people along the way who faced long-standing weight loss challenges. One couple in particular, Natasha Pehrson and her husband lost over 100 pounds with Ilana’s plan. Natasha shared her weight loss journey on TikTok and it went viral — encouraging other people on similar health journeys. 

Like Natasha, many of Ilana’s clients have trusted her expertise and seen results. Ilana told us that your mind can play tricks on you — making you feel like you need to eat when your body is saying something else. The key to overcoming emotional and mindless eating is by focusing on what your body needs. 

“Focus on feeding what your body needs before you give it what your feelings want. You will feel better and become more in control of your food choices and emotional responses. When in doubt, start with water first, veggies most,” advised Ilana.

In the future, Ilana plans to continue to help people improve their overall quality of life. By taking care of your physical and mental health, your weight loss journey will drastically change. Never miss an opportunity for a good meal. Your time to get in the best shape of your life starts now! You can get a discount off your purchase when shopping for Ilana’s meals, by using the code: I’M SATISFIED.

“I made my health and wellness a priority for the first time in a long time. With this, I lost weight and gained muscle, but more importantly, I became the wife, mother, teacher, and friend my family, children, coworkers, friends, and students deserved,” said Ilana’s client, Allison Gary in a testimonial. “I am healthier, stronger, and HAPPIER than I’ve ever been! I am finally the best version of myself.”