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Match Chief Dating Expert Rachel DeAlto Shares Advice for Avoiding Burnout

Match Expert Rachel DeAlto Shares Dating Advice

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/30/22

The Short Version: It takes a lot of strength to get back into the dating scene after feeling burnt out. From what to...(read more)

Qapital’s Dream Team Can Assist Couples With Their Wedding Budgets

Qapital Assists Couples With Wedding Budgets

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/29/22

The Short Version: It’s no secret that weddings can be quite expensive. That’s why it’s helpful to have a set...(read more)

The EME Hive Dating App Connects Over 1.6 Million Asian Singles 

EME Hive Dating App Rises in Numbers

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/15/22

The Short Version: The dating app EME Hive has set the standard for online dating and is on a mission to create happy,...(read more)

The Single Adventist Dating App Creates Rock Solid Relationships in the Church

Single Adventist Creates Rock Solid Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/15/22

The Short Version: For some singles, religion is a major factor when dating. Having a partner who shares the same faith...(read more)

The Mutual Dating App Paves the Way for LDS Singles to Find Love

Mutual Helps LDS Singles Find Love

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/1/22

The Short Version: It’s important to find a partner that is equally yoked as you. Life is full of ups and downs, and...(read more)

Officiant Marty Younkin Shares How to Lead a Memorable Wedding Ceremony

An Officiant's Tips for Leading a Memorable Wedding

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/24/22

The Short Version: Everyone wants to have their dream wedding someday. A memorable wedding is something that couples and...(read more)

Frying Pan Adventures Leads Dubai Food Tours Where Couples Bond Over a Hot Plate

Frying Pan Adventures Runs Dubai Food Tours

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/23/22

The Short Version: Whether you are meeting for lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack, food is a big part of a date. Where...(read more)

Dr. Susan Heitler Says Effective Listening Can Transform Relationships

Active Listening Can Transform Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/16/22

Listening is an absolute necessity when you want to have a committed relationship. It’s important to be heard and also...(read more)

The Cobble App Shows Couples How to Have a Good Time

Cobble Show Couples a Good Time

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/11/22

The Short Version: Falling in love is a beautiful thing that everyone deserves to experience. Finding someone worth...(read more)

The Snack App Entertains Younger Singles With New Features & Fresh Vibes

The Snack App Entertain Younger Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/11/22

The Short Version: The online dating app Snack says goodbye to misleading photos and written prompts, and instead uses...(read more)

The Old Stove Brewing Company Leaves Couples Buzzing & Wanting More

Old Stove Brewing Company Leaves Couples Buzzing

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/9/22

The Short Version: It’s safe to say that first dates can be nerve-wracking. Choosing the right time and place to meet...(read more)

Perfect12 Introductions Founder and CEO Simona Fusco Shares Her Expert Dating Advice

Simona Fusco Shares Expert Dating Advice

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/27/22

The Short Version: It’s common to see singles nowadays using matchmaking services to find love. Dating is becoming...(read more)

The Nasher Museum Reopens from Lockdown & Makes Room for Thoughtful Dates

Nasher Museum Makes Room for Dates After COVID

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/11/22

The Short Version: The COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to a lot of daily routines and social activities, but  many...(read more)

Select Date Society Provides High-End Matchmaking for Relationship-Minded Singles

Select Date Society Provides Boutique Matchmaking

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/7/22

The Short Version: Singles are becoming more restless in their pursuit to find their true love, but they have options to...(read more)

The Manfunnel Digital Course Endorses Smart Dating & Successful Relationships for Single Women

Manfunnel Endorses Smart Dating and Successful Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/7/22

The Short Version: Some women go through trial and error when searching for the one. For some singles, it can take years...(read more)

Data-Driven Coach and Matchmaker Emyli Lovz Helps Singles Find Their True Love

Matchmaker Emyli Lovz Helps Single Men

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/5/22

The Short Version: Nowadays trying to find true love is a challenge many eventually give up on. You have to slog through...(read more)

The Hit Podcast “Sex Talk With My Mom” Talks its Way to its 400th Episode

Sex Talk With My Mom Reaches its 400th Episode

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/31/22

The Short Version: Having the sex talk with your parents is never an easy task. In fact, many parents avoid the...(read more)

The Dating App RealBlackLove Has Helped Over 200,000 Singles Find Love

The RBL Dating App Helps Over 200,000 Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/30/22

The Short Version: Joseph Dixon created the well-known dating app RBL, which stands for RealBlackLove, to promote and...(read more)

The StoryGraph Platform Helps Book Lovers Bond Over a Great Read

The StoryGraph Help Book Lovers Bond

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/24/22

The Short Version: Finding a new book is just as good as finding a new best friend. The adventures books can take you on...(read more)

SetForMarriage: The Dating Site Where Relationship Statuses Go From Single to Married

SetForMarriage Helps Singles Get in Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/9/22

The Short Version: Online dating has developed into a great segue into meeting new people from around the world. But...(read more)

The Tantra Institute Helps Singles Become Better Lovers Through Mindful Events 

Tantra Institute Helps Singles Become Better Lovers

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/9/22

The Short Version: Some people find themselves wanting to love and be loved but don’t know how to do so. With its...(read more)

The Stitch Community Helps Older Singles Expand Their Social Circles

The Stitch Community Connects Older Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/7/22

The Short Version: In the past, we have seen older singles suffer from fewer opportunities to connect and meet new...(read more)

The Dating Platform FlirtHut Allows Singles to Get Their Flirt On For Free

FlirtHut Allow Singles to Flirt Online For Free

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/2/22

The Short Version: Many hopeless singles have turned to online dating platforms for their social and love needs. And now...(read more)

Rachel Cho Floral Design Can Help Romance Blossom on Wedding Days & Special Occasions

Rachel Cho Floral Designs Can Help Romance Blossom

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/10/22

The Short Version: It’s no secret that plants and flowers make for a welcoming and relaxed environment. Studies have...(read more)

The Lantern Dating App Creates a Fun Adventure for Singles to Enjoy While Looking for a Match

The Lantern Dating App Creates a Fun Adventure

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/8/22

The Short Version: The online dating experience has substantially improved over the years thanks to the advancement of...(read more)

H4M Matchmakers Help LGBTQ+ Singles Date With Confidence During COVID

H4M Supports LGBTQ+ Love During COVID

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/13/22

The Short Version: As if it weren’t already hard enough to find love these days, the 2020 pandemic has brought on a...(read more)

Dating App Friended Creates a Low-Pressure Space for Users Seeking Companionship

Friended Creates a Low-Pressure Dating Space

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/11/22

The Short Version: Introverted and shy individuals may find themselves struggling with dating or meeting new friends....(read more)