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Ashayla Blakely
Ashayla Blakely is an experienced storyteller who has fun writing authentic and relatable content for As a hopeless romantic, Ashayla has always enjoyed sharing good conversation and advice about dating. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. She is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Florida State University's film school. You can often catch her with a script in her hand, calling out the shots in her many directorial roles on set.

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A Guide to Planning a Romantic Getaway

How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Getaway

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/11/24

A romantic getaway is a great experience for people in a relationship. Whether you’re drinking cocktails by the pool...(read more)

What Are Serious Relationships? (And Why They Matter)

The Hallmarks of Serious Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/4/24

The modern dating landscape includes a lot of different dating attitudes and strategies, but what does it mean to be...(read more)

The Smash Dating App Takes Casual Dating to the Next Level

Smash Takes Casual Dating to the Next Level

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/14/24

The Short Version: Not everyone is looking to settle down –– and that’s OK! Online dating apps such as Smash make...(read more)

Absolute Ability Teaches Men How to Build Confidence & Develop Charisma

Absolute Ability Helps Men Develop Charisma

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/13/24

The Short Version: Flirting and talking to women isn’t always easy for single men. That’s why Absolute Ability, a...(read more)

What Is the Swinger Lifestyle?

What Is the Swinger Lifestyle?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/29/24

The dating landscape is diverse and constantly evolving. Thanks to poly culture, people are getting to experience dating...(read more)

What Is a Cougar?

What Is a Cougar?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/21/24

Society has progressed to not only accept but celebrate the powerhouse woman who knows herself and has her way with...(read more)

 What Is an Affair?

A Guide to Understanding Affairs

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/20/24

The word "affair" carries a weight of intrigue in human relationships. An affair typically means a married person...(read more)

Christian Connection Review by Experts (2024)

Christian Connection Review

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/19/24

The niche dating site Christian Connection is a great resource for Christian singles who want to mingle outside of...(read more)

11 Christian Dating Sites for Seniors (2024)

11 Christian Dating Sites for Seniors

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/12/24

Religion plays an important role in my life and my relationship choices, and I know I’m not the only Christian who...(read more)

Sex and Relationship Therapist Isiah McKimmie Share How Couples Can Improve Their Sex Lives 

Isiah McKimmie Shares How Couples Can Improve Their Sex Lives

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/29/24

The Short Version: Sex and relationship therapist Isiah McKimmie is passionate about helping couples achieve sexual...(read more)

My Chef Catering Provides a New Taste of Excellence for Couples on Their Wedding Day

My Chef Catering Bring a New Taste to the Table

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/27/24

The Short Version: Attending a wedding is a beautiful and life-changing experience. But as beautiful as it is, wedding...(read more)

7 Dating App Stories From Real Couples (Jun. 2024)

Dating App Stories From Real Couples

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/2/24

Online dating can work in your favor, but when you’re in the digital romance trenches, it might not always feel that...(read more)

9 Best Kink Dating Websites (Jun. 2024)

What Are the Best Kink Dating Websites?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 12/30/23

Kinky singles now have the opportunity to use online dating platforms to meet their needs and find others who have...(read more)

11 Best Dating Sites for Searching for Singles (Feb. 2024)

Tips for Searching for Singles Online

By: Ashayla Blakely • 12/22/23

Searching for singles can be pretty tough in the real world. You may go on what feels like an endless string of outings...(read more)

6 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps & Sites (Feb. 2024)

6 Popular Dating Apps Support Poly Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 12/10/23

Having romantic relations with more than one person used to be a secret and even shameful kink – but not anymore! The...(read more)

5 Best Single Online Chat Sites (Feb. 2024)

5 Popular Sites for Online Chatting

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/22/23

Online chat rooms began introducing anonymous users in 1980 and have since changed the way people socialize. Although...(read more)

Best Dating Apps For College Students (Feb. 2024)

8 Best Dating Apps for College Students

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/20/23

College students learn more than how to make it to an 8 AM class on time. It’s a time when people party, gain the...(read more)

Plenty of Fish Free Trial & Cost Breakdown (Feb. 2024)

Does Plenty of Fish Have a Free Trial?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/5/23

Markus Frind founded the dating website Plenty of Fish in 2003, and it grew so successful that Match Group bought the...(read more)

BLK Dating App Review & 4 Alternatives (Feb. 2024)

BLK Dating App Review

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/29/23

Niche dating apps are great because they can increase your chances of finding a compatible partner –– which is...(read more)

6 Best Transgender Woman Dating Apps (Feb. 2024)

6 Best Transgender Woman Dating Apps

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/28/23

Trans women face a negative stigma in the mainstream dating world and often encounter more rejection, harassment, and...(read more)