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Ashayla Blakely
Ashayla Blakely is an experienced storyteller who has fun writing authentic and relatable content for As a hopeless romantic, Ashayla has always enjoyed sharing good conversation and advice about dating. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. She is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Florida State University's film school. You can often catch her with a script in her hand, calling out the shots in her many directorial roles on set.

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The Gottman Institute Uses Research-Based Approaches to Help Relationships Heal and Thrive

Gottman Institute Helps Relationships Grow

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/28/23

The Short Version: The process of living life with your partner can be a beautiful journey where love, trust, and...(read more)

15 Best Paid Dating Sites & Apps (2023)

Are Paid Dating Sites Better for Singles?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/26/23

Paid dating sites tend to offer more benefits than typical free dating apps. More established brands, more quality...(read more)

Matchmaker Carmelia Ray Helps Singles Learn How to Balance Work and Dating

Carmelia Ray Help Singles Balance Work and Dating

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/21/23

The Short Version: As people advance in their careers, they discover that dating can be challenging to incorporate into...(read more)

The EFT Universe Platform Provides Self-Care Resources for Anxious Daters

EFT Universe Offers Resources for Daters

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/16/23

The Short Version: Self-care is fundamental to dating success. Those who practice self-care routines on a regular basis...(read more)

Life Coach Tess Brigham Motivates Young Singles Throughout their Dating Journeys

Tess Brigham Motivates Young Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/13/23

The Short Version: Life has its fair share of ups and downs -- this we unfortunately all know. However, with the right...(read more)

The Chopping Block Cooking Classes Offer a Great Date Night Experience for Couples

The Chopping Block Offers Cooking Classes for Date Night

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/8/23

The Short Version: Some people say food is the way to someone’s heart. Everyone loves a good meal in front of them....(read more)

The Peekamoose Restaurant Uses Simple Ingredients for a Grand Taste for Guests

Peekamoose Restaurant Offers a Grand Taste for Guests

By: Ashayla Blakely • 3/7/23

The Short Version:  Dinner dates create a fun space for couples to learn about each other and their tastes. But one...(read more)

The Think Dirty Shop Offers an Exclusive Valentine’s Day Beauty Box

Think Dirty Offers an Exclusive Valentine’s Beauty Box

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/13/23

The Short Version: Valentine’s Day is all about finding the perfect gift for a special someone, and that can be...(read more)

The Blindlee Dating App Creates a Safe and Friendly Environment for Blind Dating

Blindlee Creates a Fun Environment for Blind Dating

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/13/23

The Short Version: Online dating apps have evolved tremendously, making it easier for singles all around the world to...(read more)

Telluride Ski Resort is the Perfect Getaway for Any Couple

Telluride Ski Resort is the Perfect Getaway

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/8/23

The Short Version: Winter is the best time for couples to get cozy with one another and spend some quality time...(read more)

The Niche Dating Site Sugarbook Caters to Elite Singles Who Want Honest Relationships

Sugarbook Review: Why It Works for Elite Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 2/3/23

The Short Version: Jumping into a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship is easier now than ever before. With the help...(read more)

Ilana Muhlstein Shares Advice On How Couples Can Meet Their Weight Loss Goals Together

Ilana Muhlstein on How to Reach Weight Loss Goals

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/25/23

The Short Version: With great support and an even greater plan, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals. Dietitian...(read more)

Looking Back on 2022 Weddings: Professionals Say Smaller Weddings Are Here to Stay

Professionals Say Smaller Weddings Are Here to Stay

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/18/23

The Short Version: Everyone has a vision for how they want their future wedding to be. If you’re as prepared as I am,...(read more)

6 Seriously Cool Date Hacks That Can Upgrade Your Time Together

6 Cool Date Hacks for Couples

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/12/23

It takes more than just a few charming words to keep your date interested. Landing a date for Saturday night may look...(read more)

The FROME Dating App Changes the Swiping Game by Facilitating Instant Dates IRL

FROME Facilitates Instant Dates in Real Life

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/5/23

The Short Version: The dating process can be dreadful when you find yourself going through one failed date after...(read more)

Wedding Photo Tips for Newly Engaged Couples – Featuring Advice From Susan Shek Photography

Susan Shek Shares Wedding Photo Tips for Couples

By: Ashayla Blakely • 1/4/23

The Short Version: Weddings should be unique and tailored to the beautiful couple and that includes choosing the right...(read more)

6 Tried-and-True Date Ideas for Folks in Carson Valley

6 Date Ideas for Folks in Carson Valley

By: Ashayla Blakely • 12/6/22

Located in Nevada, Carson Valley is home to a handful of historic sites, outdoor recreation, and an abundance of natural...(read more)

Lisa Concepcion Shares How Couples Can Overcome Codependent Relationships

How to Overcome a Codependent Relationship

By: Ashayla Blakely • 12/1/22

The Short Version: Codependent relationships are often misunderstood and difficult to process. Couples in a codependent...(read more)

Observations from Ukrainian Blogger Krystyna Help International Dating Grow More Popular

Ukrainian Blogger Krystyna Helps International Dating Grow

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/29/22

The Short Version: International dating is becoming easier than ever. Singles no longer have to settle for dating people...(read more)

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Shares Advice for Individuals Considering Divorce

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Shares Advice

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/10/22

The Short Version: The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) is a not-for-profit association populated by...(read more)