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Ashayla Blakely
Ashayla Blakely is an experienced storyteller who has fun writing authentic and relatable content for As a hopeless romantic, Ashayla has always enjoyed sharing good conversation and advice about dating. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. She is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Florida State University's film school. You can often catch her with a script in her hand, calling out the shots in her many directorial roles on set.

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5 Best Single Online Chat Sites (Dec. 2023)

5 Popular Sites for Online Chatting

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/22/23

Online chat rooms began introducing anonymous users in 1980 and have since changed the way people socialize. Although...(read more)

Best Dating Apps For College Students (Dec. 2023)

8 Best Dating Apps for College Students

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/20/23

College students learn more than how to make it to an 8 AM class on time. It’s a time when people party, gain the...(read more)

Plenty of Fish Free Trial & Cost Breakdown (Dec. 2023)

Does Plenty of Fish Have a Free Trial?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/5/23

Markus Frind founded the dating website Plenty of Fish in 2003, and it grew so successful that Match Group bought the...(read more)

BLK Dating App Review & 4 Alternatives (Dec. 2023)

BLK Dating App Review

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/29/23

Niche dating apps are great because they can increase your chances of finding a compatible partner –– which is...(read more)

6 Best Transgender Woman Dating Apps (Dec. 2023)

6 Best Transgender Woman Dating Apps

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/28/23

Trans women face a negative stigma in the mainstream dating world and often encounter more rejection, harassment, and...(read more)

8 Best Alaska Dating Sites & Apps (Dec. 2023)

8 Best Alaska Dating Sites & Apps

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/19/23

When you think of Alaska, you may imagine arctic tundras, snowy mountaintops, and polar bears. But polar bears aren’t...(read more)

6 Best Black BBW Dating Apps (Dec. 2023)

6 Best Black BBW Dating Apps

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/18/23

Online dating apps are rapidly becoming the main resource for single people to connect with the outside world ––...(read more)

15 Popular Gen Z Dating Apps (Dec. 2023)

15 Popular Dating Apps for Gen Z

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/8/23

Gen Z now represents the majority of online daters. And that’s no surprise considering that this generation is mostly...(read more)

13 Dating Sites That Aren’t for Hookups (Dec. 2023)

Expert Analysis: Not All Dating Sites Are For Hookups

By: Ashayla Blakely • 9/28/23

Hookup culture may seem like it's everywhere online, but not every dating app is a hookup app. I know plenty of couples...(read more)

8 Best Free Chat Dating Sites (Dec. 2023)

What Are The Best Free Chat Dating Sites?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 9/21/23

It’s hard to argue that people like free stuff. If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to catch a good...(read more)

12 Dating Sites Like (Dec. 2023)

Which Dating Sites Are Like Match?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 9/16/23

The Match dating platform is the OG of online dating. launched in 1995, before many of its current users were...(read more)

What Is Facebook Dating? (Dec. 2023 Review & Recommendations)

What Is Facebook Dating?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 8/8/23

It’s common to hear couples say they met through social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, one DM...(read more)

11 Free Dating Apps for Gay Men (Dec. 2023)

Which Dating Apps Work Best for Gay Men?

By: Ashayla Blakely • 7/5/23

Gay men today have more freedoms and can be out and proud with widespread acceptance in the U.S. But it can still be...(read more)

12 Best Gay Chat Sites & Apps (Dec. 2023)

12 Popular Gay Chat Sites & Apps

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/24/23

Online dating has a lot of benefits that gay singles should take advantage of. Now that the world is transforming into a...(read more)

6 Free Lesbian Dating Sites & Apps (Dec. 2023)

6 Lesbian Dating Sites That Really Work

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/6/23

The LGBTQ+ community is growing larger every day. It’s not as hard now to find gay dates, lesbian dates, queer dates,...(read more)

11 Best Single-Parent Dating Apps (Dec. 2023)

11 Highly Rated Single-Parent Dating Apps

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/4/23

As a single parent, you may face many challenges in the dating department. Whether that’s because you’re struggling...(read more)

5 Divorce Statistics That May Shock You

5 Divorce Statistics That May Shock You

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/31/23

Divorce is a sad situation that most people do their best to avoid. And yet many modern marriages end in divorce court....(read more)

The Lefty Dating App Focuses on Producing More Compatible Matches

Lefty Focuses on Producing Compatible Matches

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/16/23

The Short Version: The Lefty dating app is on a mission to help people find their perfect match. Singles on the Lefty...(read more)

The Wedding Venue Hardy Farm Creates a Beautiful Experience for Couples to Say “I Do”

Hardy Farm Creates Beautiful Wedding Experiences

By: Ashayla Blakely • 5/15/23

The Short Version: The venue is a big part of a wedding experience. Whether you want an ocean view or a stand-alone...(read more)

The Matchmaking Firm Modern Love Club Creates A Transformative Experience for Clients

Modern Love Club Creates a Transformative Experience

By: Ashayla Blakely • 4/19/23

The Short Version: Finding love on your own can be challenging at times. After experiencing one failed date after...(read more)