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Ashayla Blakely
Ashayla Blakely is an experienced storyteller who has fun writing authentic and relatable content for As a hopeless romantic, Ashayla has always enjoyed sharing good conversation and advice about dating. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. She is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Florida State University's film school. You can often catch her with a script in her hand, calling out the shots in her many directorial roles on set.

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American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Shares Advice for Individuals Considering Divorce

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Shares Advice

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/10/22

The Short Version: The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) is a not-for-profit association populated by...(read more)

The Dating App Fitafy Paves the Way for Singles to Build Healthy Relationships

The Fitafy App Builds Healthy Relationships

By: Ashayla Blakely • 11/1/22

The Short Version: Going to the gym can be a fun thing to do to increase your fitness -- and perhaps meet a cutie on the...(read more)

The Best Free Dating Apps to Integrate Voice Message & Video Chat Features

8 Dating Apps With Video & Voice Chat

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/29/22

Over the last few years, single people have become more interested in the online dating scene. During the COVID-19...(read more)

The Most Romantic Resorts for Honeymoons, Anniversaries & Weekend Getaways

Romantic Resorts for Honeymoons, Anniversaries & Weekend Getaways

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/26/22

In relationships, it’s important to make sure that the flame never goes out. Many dating experts advise couples to...(read more)

Washington, D.C., is Full of Opportunities to Fall in Love & Explore Dating

Washington DC is Full of Love & Dating Opportunities

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/18/22

The Short Version: Washington, D.C., is a monumental place to fall in love. With an approximate population of 700,00...(read more)

The OlderWomenDating Site Paves the Way for Younger Men to Date Mature Women
ARTICLE Supports Mature Women

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/13/22

The Short Version: People like to say that love comes in many shapes and forms -- and it’s true! Today, more people...(read more)

The CuteOnly App Shares Advice on How to Excel At International Dating Across Cultures

CuteOnly Shares Advice on International Dating

By: Ashayla Blakely • 10/12/22

The Short Version: International dating has grown over the years, increasing the number of couples who meet their...(read more)

The Dating App Headero Creates a Sex-Positive Space for Singles Who Enjoy Oral Pleasure

The Headero App Creates a Sex-Positive Space

By: Ashayla Blakely • 9/20/22

The Short Version: Singles who enjoy oral pleasure will find the online dating app Headero the place to connect with...(read more)

Are Dating Apps Worth It? Five Reasons to Give It a Try!

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Worth It

By: Ashayla Blakely • 9/18/22

We can agree that dating nowadays is different from the past. Singles are starting to use online dating sites and apps...(read more)

The Kink-Friendly Dating App Pure Invites Singles to Explore Their Sexual Desires

Pure Invites Singles to Explore Their Sexual Desires

By: Ashayla Blakely • 9/13/22

The Short Version: Singles have become more open to trying new dating apps and sites that will help lead them to loving...(read more)

South Carolina Matchmakers Connects Singles With Their Special Someone

South Carolina Matchmakers Connects Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 8/31/22

The Short Version: Finding a partner nowadays is not always easy on your own. To expedite the search process, singles...(read more)

Lifestyle Coach Laura Yates Helps Singles Recover From Romantic Heartbreaks

Expert Tips for Recovering From Heartbreak

By: Ashayla Blakely • 8/30/22

The Short Version:  Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you weren’t the one who initiated it. Whether you’re...(read more)

Wedding Photographer Shelly Anderson Snaps the Perfect Picture for Couples

Shelly Anderson Snaps the Perfect Picture

By: Ashayla Blakely • 8/16/22

The Short Version: Wedding photographers play an important role in weddings. They are responsible for capturing the...(read more)

Samantha’s Table Offers Personalized Matchmaking for Busy, Successful & Commitment-Minded Singles

Samantha's Table Matches Commitment-Minded Single

By: Ashayla Blakely • 7/29/22

The Short Version: Apart from your mom and friends who try to find dates for you without your permission, matchmakers do...(read more)

Doc Love’s Dating Advice Continues to Inspire Modern Singles

Doc Love Continues to Inspire Modern Singles

By: Ashayla Blakely • 7/28/22

The Short Version: Relationship coach and dating expert Doc Love dedicated his life to uplifting single men and advising...(read more)

The Fourplay App Creates a Double Dating Experience for Friends

Fourplay Creates a Double Dating Experience for Friends

By: Ashayla Blakely • 7/14/22

The Short Version: Dating can come with a lot of nerves. It can be worrisome trying to figure out the do's and don’ts...(read more)

AgeMatch is Committed to Connecting Singles Across Generations

AgeMatch Connects Singles Across Generations

By: Ashayla Blakely • 7/12/22

The Short Version: Age-gap dating can present singles with challenges along the way, but that shouldn’t stop them in...(read more)

Match Chief Dating Expert Rachel DeAlto Shares Advice for Avoiding Burnout

Match Expert Rachel DeAlto Shares Dating Advice

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/30/22

The Short Version: It takes a lot of strength to get back into the dating scene after feeling burnt out. From what to...(read more)

Qapital’s Dream Team Can Assist Couples With Their Wedding Budgets

Qapital Assists Couples With Wedding Budgets

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/29/22

The Short Version: It’s no secret that weddings can be quite expensive. That’s why it’s helpful to have a set...(read more)

The EME Hive Dating App Connects Over 1.6 Million Asian Singles 

EME Hive Dating App Rises in Numbers

By: Ashayla Blakely • 6/15/22

The Short Version: The dating app EME Hive has set the standard for online dating and is on a mission to create happy,...(read more)