I’m Getting Divorced and This Other Guy Wants to See Me. Is it Worth the Risk?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

The guy I was once married to lives on the opposite side of the globe and we have no form of contact to one another, but it’s definitely over between us, as I left him and I’m currently waiting for a divorce.

Recently a guy I used to have an intimate relationship with (before I was married) keeps messaging me on Facebook, and it seems like he wants to get back with me. The problem is his cousin is my best friend, and I think she told him I “am” married because he asked me whether I was married or not. If his cousin (my best friend) finds out, the worst could happen.

Is dating this other guy worth the risk?

-Sarah (U.K.)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Sarah,

What a big “old” mess. A husband with a loose string still attached, an old lover whom you haven’t actually been dating and a best friend busybody.

You really want my opinion? Move on! And move off Facebook.

Here is my four-step plan to take control of your relationships:

Step One: Dump the fantasy Facebook retrosexual.

Step Two: Get divorced from the globe trotter.

Step Three: Go on a real date with a real man in your real world.

Step Four: Find out why your best friend judges your love lives so much.

Change your behavior if she has a case. Otherwise, tell her to butt out.

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