I’m Ready to Move On. Should I Put Myself Out There?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I ended a serious relationship eight months ago, but I am finally ready to move on. I am interested in someone but he has the same situation as I did with his significant other. His ex-girlfriend messaged me and asked if I like him, so I told her I wasn’t going to try and break the two of them up.

Should I put myself out there to him, or should I give it more time because he’s probably going through some rough stuff like I did?

-Stephanie H. (Florida)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Am I hearing rumblings of a love triangle before you even have a first date? Why is his ex-girlfriend texting you? And what is your relationship with her?

If you are close and want to keep that friendship, then you’re best to keep a hands-off rule with her man. In this case, I think it’s best to wait and see.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and getting involved when there are still loose ends for him is risky for you.

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