Joes Dj Service Creates An Eventful Time For Weddings

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Joe’s DJ Service Creates a Fun and Memorable Time for Weddings & Events

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The Short Version: The mobile DJ company, Joe’s DJ Service, provides entertainment for an array of events in Bozeman, Montana, and surrounding areas. Since 1997, the DJ company has brought people closer together through the love of music. Weddings are one of Joe’s DJ Service’s specialties, and the company continues to help hundreds of couples find the right tune for their big day. From ceremony songs to special dance songs, Joe’s DJ Service has you covered! 

So much planning goes into a wedding. From the venue to the catering, couples aim to make their big day an event that people will never forget. Believe it or not, music is a key component of most weddings. Hiring the right DJ can turn any occasion into a groovy one. Couples should scout out DJs that will cater to their wedding needs. From the playlist to the energy they carry, DJs can leave a huge impact on weddings.

Joe's DJ Service logo.
Joe’s DJ Service was created in 1997.

Entertainment company Joe’s DJ Service knows a thing or two about keeping guests dancing the night away. Joe’s DJ Service was started in 1997 by Joe Trudgeon who had a good ear for amazing tunes. Joe started DJing for his school dances by combining home theater systems and eventually getting a large PA system. From the beginning, Joe’s objective was to curate good music for people to enjoy. 

To this day, Joe’s DJ Service’s mission is to simply help people at their events by providing good music. AJ Rohrer, who is the current owner of Joe’s DJ Service, told us that the main goal is to simply help execute a client’s requests. It’s comforting knowing you have such a flexible and reliable service for your wedding. With so many tasks couples have when preparing for their big day, having Joe’s DJ Service team in your corner is appreciated. 

“We aren’t there to promote a brand, style, or play the newest hottest music. We simply do what the client asks,” said AJ. “If they want nothing but country music, great! If all they want is Indie Folk, that works too. I find so many DJs are out there trying to make a name for themselves and trying to be “special”. My goal has always been to just serve as many people as possible.”

AJ Rohrer Grabs the Mic in 2016

In 2009, AJ joined Joe’s DJ Service team as one of the DJs while he was studying engineering. He started DJing in college as a way to make extra cash on the side. To his surprise, what started as a fun side hustle to pay for tuition turned out to be a fulfilling career. In 2016, AJ became the new owner of Joe’s DJ Service after Joe, who was ready to move on to other life endeavors, asked him several times to take over the business. 

“I found myself always curating playlists for school trips, birthday parties, and making CDs for friends when they were having tough times. I always seemed to have just a good basic feel and ear for how to tune a sound system but I never had any formal training,” said AJ. “I just wanted my speakers to sound as good as when I played live.”

Screenshot from website.
Joe’s DJ Service is composed of passionate and fun-driven DJ’s who like to have a good time.

As an against-the-grain kind of guy, AJ told us he never really cared about the job he had but more so the results that came from it. At 19, AJ had dreamt of being a stay-at-home dad. This led to him to look for ways to create income that didn’t depend completely on his input. Luckily, AJ encountered several very successful business owners like Joe who have helped guide him to where he is today. AJ is now able to stay at home with his wife and two kids while still being heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of Joe’s DJ Service. 

Since AJ has taken over the company, Joe’s DJ Service has grown. AJ told us he grew the team to 10 employees, and they managed to hit 200 events in a year. Despite the challenges that came their way, including the impact of COVID-19, the entertainment company remained afloat. 

“Overall our mission is to serve first and play music second. Music is the easiest part of a wedding, it’s all of the other things like timing, announcing, organizing, and reducing the stress that is what makes the difference. I train my team to find ways to help other vendors even just by offering a bottle of water on a hot day or helping move tables,” said AJ. 

Averaging Around 200 Weddings Per Year

Weddings range in size and style. Over the years, Joe’s DJ Service has had to remain flexible in accommodating clients’ needs. AJ told us that the company has worked with weddings with various budgets — from under $1,000 and over $1 million. Regardless of the budget, Joe’s DJ Service makes sure that people have a great time. 

“Some of my favorite weddings were ones that took place out in a backyard where they threw down some plywood for a dance floor and had dinner potluck style,” said AJ. “If you are standing hand-in-hand with your favorite person in the world and surrounded by the people you love the most, it doesn’t take much to make amazing memories.”

Screenshot from website.
Having the right DJ at an event can leave guest dancing all night long!

As has been mentioned earlier, DJs play a major role in a wedding — or any event for that matter. Music is a big contributing factor to entertaining guests. AJ told us that over the years he has seen DJs who try to make the event all about them, and it ends up hurting clients. To avoid this, Joe’s DJ Service aims to do what the client asks by reading the room and adjusting to the crowd. 

Joe’s DJ Service has won various awards over the years. And it’s no surprise considering the team works diligently to ensure that the client’s needs are met. Recently, the entertainment company won The Knots award for Best of Weddings 2022.

“I knew that the DJ would be an important part of our wedding, but I had no idea how crucial Joe’s DJ Service and our DJ, Ryan, would be to making our big day memorable in all of the best ways,” said Julia, a Joe’s DJ Service client in a review. “Going with real pros made all the difference, as it’s clear how much the professionalism and expertise of Joe’s team really paid off.”

Joe’s DJ Service Keeps the Party Going

Joe’s DJ Service is known for keeping the party going. Clients give the company thanks for being very easy to work with and going above and beyond. Kylie, one of Joe’s DJ Service clients complimented AJ and the team’s communication before her wedding. She said the team catered to all of their needs. 

“Not only was AJ a great guy to be around at the wedding (very professional and kind), but he helped in areas of the wedding outside of his expertise from the kindness of his heart. He was simply a great guy and a wonderful addition to our wedding reception- we HIGHLY recommend them!” exclaimed Kylie in a review.

Joe’s DJ Service will continue to put out good tunes and vibes with every event. The company recently started offering speaker rentals for DIY weddings. AJ told us that this has helped a lot of couples in their wedding process. He also said the company is looking to start a team in a different city as well.

When asked what advice he would give to couples, AJ said couples should know that a wedding is the start of a marriage. He noticed that a lot of couples put so much anticipation on day one of their marriage and forget about day two. AJ said the only thing that matters at weddings are couples getting married and getting home safe. Everything else is just a wonderful serendipity.