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3 Unusual Places to Meet Men

Adrienne Longhurst
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Who says bars and the Internet are the only places left to meet men? Technically, you can meet men anywhere. Though, what I recommend is checking out some less-than-conventional places for meeting guys. I don’t mean just talking to random guys but, rather, to guys who are a lot more likely to be date-worthy than others. Check out these three slightly unusual places to meet men.

1. Retirement homes.

No, you’re not looking for a sugar daddy or someone whose idea of a good time is the early bird special at Denny’s! I’m talking about their sons and grandsons! Retirement homes are full of sweet, caring men who spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons visiting their senior loved ones.

And if pickins’ are slim in the visiting area, then feel free to peruse the male staff! No worries if you don’t have a grandma or grandpa to visit. Just stand around the front entrance or outdoor common area looking confused as though you’re looking for someone, and you’re bound to see some cutie who you can ask for help.

2. The airport.

As a former airline employee, I can promise you the airport is full of eligible men for gals of all tastes. It’s the one place where you’ve got men in uniforms — cops, pilots and firefighters. Oh my! There’s also local guys, foreign guys with accents and even a celebrity or two all under one roof!

Seriously, there are men of all ages, shapes, sizes and income levels just roaming free. The fact that you’ve also got a couple of places to choose from for shopping, a meal or some cocktails makes an afternoon of trolling for guys at the airport a breeze. Great for a single girls’ night out.

3. Hospitals.

I admit spending time in a hospital is not something most of us want to do, but I assure you the vibe is a whole different one when you’re not there because of illness. A hospital, much like an airport, is a no-brainer for finding all types of men in one place. Along with the obvious score of a doctor, you’ve also got guys there visiting loved ones or, even sweeter, taking their moms to appointments. So get your hand sanitizer ready, grab a cup of coffee in the hospital cafeteria and have a seat in one of the many waiting areas to see who is worth smiling at!

Even if you don’t find a guy to date, just think of the fun you’ll have and the stuff you’ll see while looking around these places!