Why Do Men My Age Only Want to Date Younger Women?

April Braswell
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Reader Question:
Why is it that men my age want to date 20-year-olds? I’m a 48-year-old divorced woman with no children who does not want to date younger men, but that’s all I seem to attract.

-Sabrina (Texas)

April Braswell’s Answer:

Hi Sabrina,
Congratulations on attracting all those younger men. It’s always a compliment when men find women attractive. And when younger men pursue you, you know they find you alluring and sexy.
You must be a great-looking 48-year-old. Where are the younger men meeting you?
If you’re finding it a bit frustrating reading the online profiles of men around your own age, take a look at my article about mature men wanting to date much younger women. Then make a point of socializing and placing yourself in front of more peer-aged men.
It always varies a bit by city, state and region. However, more midlife men are running the service clubs and going square dancing and ballroom dancing than the 20-something guys typically do.
Attend the pancake breakfast fundraiser and go to some dance classes. Many mature romances start with those we know socially first.
Expand your social circle to include more mature men and you’ll be dating one of them in no time at all.
Happy dating and relationships,

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