How To Improve Your Dating Techniques

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How to Improve Your Dating Techniques

Kara Pound
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Dating is like most things in life — practice makes perfect. And when it comes to fine-tuning your dating techniques, nothing helps more than a little real life experience.

But what does that really mean? What are some specific tips lesbian women can use to improve their dating techniques? Let’s take a closer look.

1. The intro.

Before the actual dating begins, you must first meet a potential mate. Introducing yourself to a new woman can be nerve-racking because first impressions mean a lot.

Be confident, open, honest and playful. Let her know you are a woman looking to form a close relationship and it’s not just about surface things like looks and sex.

2. The first date.

After a successful introduction and securing a first date, it’s time to get out into the real world. Be creative when planning the date. Instead of dinner, why not dinner and a drive-in movie? Instead of the movies, why not an arcade?

Show her that you’ve put a lot of thought into the date.


“If you take the relationship

step by step, any woman can improve.”

3. The second date.

The first date went amazing and now it’s time for the second date. In some instances, the second date carries with it a lot more pressure and expectations.

Plan the second date to be more intimate than the first. Choose a location that’s somewhat quiet so the two of you can have involved conversation, and don’t be shy to extend a goodnight kiss.

4. Closing the deal.

This doesn’t necessarily allude to sex. Closing the deal can mean a host of things — the first sleepover, the first movie night where you both play some favorite music jams, share some old photo albums, etc.

Closing the deal is about finding a mutual comfort zone where you can be yourselves without worrying what the other person is thinking about you.

Dating is tough. There’s no getting around that. But if you take the relationship step by step, be honest and open, have fun and take it out into the real world, there’s no doubt that any woman can improve her dating techniques.

After all, practice makes perfect.