Online Dating Tips For Seniors

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Online Dating Tips for Seniors

Laurie Davis
Laurie Davis Updated:
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When you’re 50+ years old and single, online dating is a must. You’ll meet people outside of your social circle…and won’t have to worry so much about whether or not they have a ring on their left finger.

In fact, baby boomers represent roughly 20 percent of the eDating population, according to a study by IBISWorld. Whether you’re a member of a niche site specifically for seniors or are eFlirting on a big, mainstream site, here are my top three tips for keeping anxiety at bay:

1. Get virtually comfortable.

Most 50+ singles I work with are hesitant to put themselves out there digitally. When you join a new site, spend some time testing out the features and getting used to the interface.

Each site will feel a little bit different, but the more comfortable you are with navigating the technology, the more natural online dating will feel. Once you’ve got it down, you can focus all your energy on dates!

2. Chivalry rules shift.

When communication happens digitally, so do the gender roles. A tip from my book, “Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating” — it’s less important to focus on who makes the first contact or who asks whom out and more important to be proactive.

In a search-based format, it’s easy to be looked over or filtered out. So don’t worry as much about the digital dynamics — it’s what happens offline that counts!

3. Don’t forget to site hop.

Every site is good for someone, but no site is good for everyone. When you’re a single senior, there are naturally less choices available, so don’t be afraid to try something new every month or two.

Don’t worry, you can always return later (and in most cases, you’ll see fresh faces then).

And most of all, stick with it! Regardless of age, online dating comes with a learning curve — it wasn’t a skill any of our mamas taught us growing up.

Avoid getting discouraged by remembering that your One could be reading your profile at any given moment.