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Tagged: Meet New People on Your Own Terms

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TL;DR: With more than 100 million connections made every month, Tagged.com is the leading social network to focus on helping users meet new people — no matter the reason! 

What started as a site for teens to meet like-minded teens has soon become the go-to social networking service for anyone, for any reason.

And that service is called Tagged.

Founded in 2004, Tagged brings people of all shapes, sizes and colors together for friendship, dating and more.

“We have always wanted Tagged to be the best place to meet new people,” said Vice President of Marketing Steve Sarner.

So what else makes Tagged so great? Keep reading and you’ll see.

Stand-out features

With the ability to customize your profile, generate tags, filter searches and play games, Tagged allows its users to express themselves in a way few social networks do.

But Tagged’s most popular and most impressive feature has to be Meet Me, where members browse photos, select the people they’re interested in and a match is made if the other person is also interested.


Tagged VP of Marketing, Steve Sarner

“This has been copied by many, most recently by Tinder in the mobile space,” Sarner said. “The level of customization we allow members helps people gain a better insight to who they are meeting or might want to meet. It really allows an individual’s personality and tastes to shine through, much more so than just a photo and profile description.”

And the fact that Tagged is available in 200 countries makes its users are just as unique and fun as the features.

While the average Tagged member is an educated 33-year-old with a blue-collar job, the site also has a large multicultural audience, with heavy concentrations of Hispanics and African-Americans.

“Socializing is a core human need. Online opens up a whole new world and way to meet and socialize with people,” he said. “Tagged takes pride in making it simple, easy and fun to meet new people.”

Look out 2015!

Making high-quality connections is always the number one goal of the Tagged team, and they will continue to do that in the new year by being aware of the user experience and being receptive to feedback.

“With our millions of users and years of data and knowledge, we are in a superior position to take this learning and improve the people we present to our users to meet,” Sarner said. “This is an area we are definitely continuing to focus on.


Tagged makes 100 million connections in 200 countries every month.

And part of that improved user experience includes taking Tagged’s mobile app to the next level (maybe even giving Apple Watch a run for its money).

“In fact, this year we rebuilt our android app from the ground up, enabling all of the power and features of the latest android platform capabilities,” he said. “Our users love it, and we will invest more in mobile moving forward, including awesome localization features.”

“How all of us interact online will change dramatically as we access the Internet, from glasses or a watch or who knows what to get our information and entertainment, including dating,” Sarner continued. “We need to be and will be ahead of the curve here as these new technologies grow.”

For more information, visit Tagged.com. Tagged also is available on iTunes and Android.