Hayley Matthews

Hayley Matthews
Hayley has over 10 years of experience overseeing content strategy, social media engagement, and article opportunities. She has also written hundreds of informational and entertaining blog posts. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Bustle, Cosmo, the Huffington Post, AskMen, and Entrepreneur. When she's not writing about dating news, relationship advice, or her fantasy love affair with Leonardo DiCaprio, she enjoys listening to The Beatles, watching Harry Potter reruns, and drinking IPAs.

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Truity Launches a New Love Match Quiz to Lend Insight to Romantic Relationships

Truity’s Love Match Quiz Has Relationship Insights

By: Hayley Matthews • 6/28/21

The Short Version: Truity is a free resource where people can take research-backed personality tests and learn about...(read more)

LetsHangOut Supports Free Communication & Matchmaking for Local Singles

LetsHangOut.com Supports Local Singles

By: Hayley Matthews • 6/16/21

The Short Version: LetsHangOut.com has established a fun space where singles can send messages, post videos, play games,...(read more)

Lasting The Distance Offers First-Hand Advice for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

Lasting The Distance Offers First-Hand Advice

By: Hayley Matthews • 6/15/21

The Short Version: Relationships aren’t easy, but long-distance relationships can be particularly hard to maintain....(read more)

Editor’s Choice Award: Couples Enjoy Dates at Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

Couples Enjoy Dates at Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

By: Hayley Matthews • 6/4/21

The Short Version: As one of the most historic vineyards in the eastern United States, Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery...(read more)

Radha Beauty Makes Ayurvedic Skincare Products So Customers Can Feel Beautiful on Dates

Radha Beauty Helps You Feel Pretty on Dates

By: Hayley Matthews • 6/3/21

The Short Version: Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “the science of life.” The core of this philosophy is that...(read more)

Day Game Training™ Teaches Men How to Approach Women and Prepare for Dates

Day Game Training™ Prepares Men for Dates

By: Hayley Matthews • 6/1/21

The Short Version: Many single guys want to date the beautiful women they see at the grocery store, the gym, or other...(read more)

Dating Directory: Renee Slansky Shares Expert Tips on Romance and Relationships

Dating Directory Shares Tips for Women

By: Hayley Matthews • 5/27/21

The Short Version: Some women have a difficult time on the dating scene, but Author and Dating Coach Renee Slansky wants...(read more)

FreeChatNow.com Offers Singles a Place to Find Intimate, Anonymous Relationships

FreeChatNow: Where Singles Find Anonymous Encounters

By: Hayley Matthews • 5/27/21

The Short Version: Dating sites and social media platforms often force singles to share their names and other personal...(read more)

Editor’s Choice Award: A Grand Traverse Distillery Tour is a Spirited Date Night Activity

Grand Traverse Distillery Offers Spirited Date Tours

By: Hayley Matthews • 4/7/21

The Short Version: Grand Traverse Distillery, located in downtown Traverse City, Michigan, makes craft spirits with...(read more)

Monarch Mountain Offers Adventurous Date Activities for Couples Who Love the Outdoors

Monarch Mountain Offers Adventurous Date Activities

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/31/21

The Short Version: Monarch Mountain is a ski resort where people come to hit the slopes and enjoy the mountain scenery....(read more)

UkReine Connects Western Men and Eastern European Women for Serious Relationships

UkReine Connects Men & Eastern European Women

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/25/21

The Short Version: As one of the largest Eastern European dating sites, UkReine specializes in connecting French men...(read more)

Ambiance Matchmaking Helps Singles Find Like-Minded Partners Around the World

Ambiance Matchmaking Helps International Singles

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/24/21

The Short Version: Ambiance Matchmaking has been on the frontlines of the dating world during the COVID-19 pandemic....(read more)

Seattle Dating App Promotes Hyper-Local Connections for Singles

Seattle Dating App Promotes Hyper-Local Connections

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/23/21

The Short Version: Each city has its own dating culture and expectations, yet so many apps take a one-swipe-fits-all...(read more)

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden is a Tasty Date Spot That Offers a Communal Experience

Banger’s Austin is a Tasty Date Night Spot

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/10/21

The Short Version: Many couples looking to spice up their socially distanced date nights head to Banger’s Sausage...(read more)

Supersmile Tooth-Whitening System Helps Singles Get Their Smiles Noticed on a Date

Supersmile Helps Daters Get Their Smiles Noticed

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/9/21

The Short Version: Some singles may feel uncomfortable about smiling because their teeth are stained from years of...(read more)

Noémie Engagement Rings Get Lifelong Relationships Off to a Brilliant Start

Noémie Rings Enhance Lifelong Relationships

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/3/21

The Short Version: Buying an engagement ring — or any piece of fine jewelry — can be a daunting task, especially for...(read more)

80 Acres Farms Offers Fresh Produce for Delicious Dinner Dates at Home

80 Acres Farms: Produce for At-Home Dinner Dates

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/3/21

The Short Version: Couples in certain parts of the U.S. can't find fresh, nutritious produce for a date-night meal in...(read more)

Editor’s Choice Award: Hot Suppa Gives Northern Daters a Taste of Southern Charm

Hot Suppa Gives Northern Daters a Taste of the South

By: Hayley Matthews • 3/1/21

The Short Version: Maine may not be known for its fried green tomatoes, pulled pork, and Nashville hot chicken, but...(read more)

The Findl App Helps Users Create Lasting Friendships or Long-Term Relationships

Findl Helps Users Create Long-Term Relationships

By: Hayley Matthews • 2/17/21

The Short Version: The popular dating app Findl fills the gap that exists between expensive dating sites and free...(read more)

Stumpy’s Hatchet House Offers Daters an Exciting Night of Axe Throwing

Stumpy’s Offers Daters an Exciting Night

By: Hayley Matthews • 2/12/21

The Short Version: Couples looking for an exciting way to spend a date night can visit Stumpy’s Hatchet House, where...(read more)