Ukreine Connects Western Men And Eastern European Women

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UkReine Connects Western Men and Eastern European Women for Serious Relationships

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The Short Version: As one of the largest Eastern European dating sites, UkReine specializes in connecting French men with Ukrainian women in serious relationships that lead to marriage. Founded in 1998, UkReine has employed anti-scam security measures to ensure its members have the right motives when they join. The team can help potential couples overcome a language barrier, set up private video chats, and even organize in-person dates when the man is ready to travel and find love.

In the modern dating world, it’s possible to find love and marriage even if both people speak different languages and live in different countries. Of course, singles need help making the right introduction — and that’s where UkReine comes in.

UkReine has modernized the outdated concept of the mail-order bride. Decades ago, men in the western world would place or answer ads in the back of magazines for a foreign woman looking to get married and start a family. It works a little differently now that online dating has taken off.

UkReine logo

UkReine is an international dating agency geared toward French men and Ukrainian women.

Western men can be drawn to the dating scene of Eastern Europe because it adheres to more traditional values and gender roles. Dimitri Berezniakov, the founder of the UkReine dating and marriage site, told us that the typical male customer is dissatisfied by the single women in his own country, and that’s why he’s interested in searching abroad. Ukrainian women often understand the importance of family and are hoping to meet a man to be the head of her household.

“Maybe the mentality of the West doesn’t suit them. Maybe they find Western women too independent, and they want a more traditional family like their parents had,” he said. “Most of our clients fit this description.”

Unlike many local dating agencies, UkReine puts extra efforts in place to make sure all the Ukrainian women profiles on the website are genuine, available, and ready for a serious relationship. It isn’t in business to do false advertising and not live up to the promise of connecting Western men with real beauties. UkReine offers a lifetime guarantee on its dating and matchmaking services.

When it first launched, UkReine specialized in the French-speaking market. The platform has grown into the largest dating and marriage site between Ukraine and France. Its network has expanded and now reaches dozens of countries spanning five continents.

A Dedicated Team Ensures the Authenticity of Profiles

Any man who has considered working with a marriage and dating agency in Eastern Europe has likely experienced his fair share of scams. It’s common for businesses to show pictures of beautiful women to hook men into paying for chat services. But when they do, the men realize those gorgeous women aren’t real or aren’t responsive.

Dimitri said the team behind UkReine have employed many security measures to keep things on the up and up. First, they meet every woman on the site in person. Next, they use scam protection software to detect lies and stop pretenders before they post an ad or send a message.

“We do things in a different way,” Dimitri explained. “We have our own office and staff in Ukraine. Local agencies, they just find dates. We do things by ourselves, so we can guarantee men that all the ladies are real — and they can find their soulmate.”

The UkReine team has founded an anti-scam dating protection site to further support singles looking for a genuine love interest.

Photo of UkReine women

The UkReine team conducts face-to-face interviews with every woman who joins the site.

UkReine is an international dating service that promises to get results and protect the interests of its love-driven members.

In fact, every woman on UkReine has been screened by a professional psychologist to make sure she is truly ready for marriage. The goal is to facilitate real relationships and help connect two consenting adults who want a traditional family.

With more than 20 years in business, UkReine is considered a trustworthy business that has sparked love stories from countries across the globe.

UkReine started by reaching out to men in France in 1998, and now it has staffed offices in Ukraine, France, and Canada. This international setup makes it easy for the experience matchmakers to assist marriage-minded men and women from different walks of life.

Offering Online Dating and In-Person Meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges throughout the dating scene, and international dating has been particularly difficult. Western men have had to navigate flight restrictions and delay in-person meetings with their love matches in Ukraine. But there is hope that those future grooms and brides will be able to get together in the coming year.

Dimitri said the UkReine team has created robust online communication options to tide singles over as they await their first meeting when it’s safe again. In some ways, allowing men and women to chat online has helped strengthen their relationships and ensured they don’t rush into anything serious too quickly.

Men who join the UkReine dating service have to pay a registration fee to show that they are serious. They may also choose to sign a matchmaking contract to get greater access to the Ukraine dating world.

When a male client finds a woman attractive, he can arrange a video call and chat on the site to see if they have the right chemistry. The UkReine team can provide language translation services, if necessary.

Photo of the UkReine team

A team of international dating experts support singles on their way to love.

As time goes by, some couples can get very serious about each other and want to meet in person. UkReine’s agents can make travel arrangements to Ukraine and set up romantic dates in the woman’s hometown. The UkReine team is also responsible for scheduling follow-up meetings and explaining the documentation necessary to turn a cross-country relationship into a real marriage.

A 55-year-old man named Phillippe said he was impressed with the customer service the UkReine team provided. “The services of the agency were practically exceptional because the employees have demonstrated professionalism,” he wrote.

In 2020, the agency’s travel services took a back seat to the online communication. It was a time of getting back to the basics of online dating and allowing singles to branch out through video dates and phone calls. UkReine only supports matches where the attraction is mutual, meaning singles don’t have to worry about rejection or ghosting.

“The man can connect with a lady, and he can be sure she is real. This is not a scam,” Dimitri said. “We also do motivation checks for men to be sure of the quality of the clients.”

UkReine: Helping Users Find Traditional & Lasting Marriages

Many of the men who want to work with UkReine have already had a serious relationship or marriage, so they know exactly the kind of partner they need. They’re not only interested in beauty, they also want a woman who can turn a house into a home and a lonely bachelor into a husband and father.

Ukrainian and Russian women have embraced traditional family values, so they are often great partners to older men with established careers. Many testimonials speak to the great work the international dating site has done and the many relationships and marriages that have blossomed as a result.

Alain was in his 50s when he signed up to UkReine and met the love of his life. “I met the woman I was looking for… and that is thanks to the agency,” he wrote.

An intercultural couple named Minh and Anna said they never would have met had it not been for the dating and marriage service. “Thanks to the agency, we met and now we are planning our life together as a family,” they wrote.

A woman named Marina wrote the UkReine team about her special wedding day and how excited she was to start a new chapter in her life. “Finally, Erkan made a proposal to me for marriage, and I accepted it,” she wrote. “Our wedding was wonderful.”

Dimitri said every wedding announcement, thank-you note, and positive feedback had made all the years of toil well worth it. Looking ahead, UkReine is ready to grow and continue building on its reputation as the first French-focused dating agency in Ukraine.