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The Short Version: LetsHangOut.com has established a fun space where singles can send messages, post videos, play games, and meet compatible dates for free. The mobile-friendly dating website offers no-signup browsing and 100% free communication, so online daters can keep things casual and explore local and international romances on their terms. Over the last year, LetsHangOut.com has been a virtual wingman for horny and lonely people who are seeking an outlet for their deepest desires.

LetsHangOut.com offers a unique online dating space where users can post public messages, play computer games, and browse the database anonymously. It’s a fun spot for casual mingling, and it has sparked some serious discussions about love and relationships as well.

A 23-year-old named Cleopatra recently posted in the forum to vent about her online dating frustrations as a marriage-minded woman in the Philippines. She said she had spent years chatting online and looking for her Mr. Right, but she had never even gotten to the point of meeting a date in person.

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LetsHangOut.com provides easy access to dating profiles, videos, and chat rooms.

“Even just talking online, I too had to deal with heartaches,” she wrote. “What’s your story? Or do you have something to say or give advice?”

Cleopatra asked for advice in a public thread on the LetsHangOut.com forum, and she received a lot of good responses from international daters. One anonymous man wrote a lengthy reply about the logistics of long-distance dating and intercultural relationships. “You’re young. You’ve got time,” he wrote. “I pray you will have success.”

LetsHangOut.com has a global audience of singles who come from different walks of life but share a common interest in online romance. The matchmaking tools ensure local singles can quickly find one another and strike up a private conversation. All messaging capabilities are available with a free membership.

“Let’s Hang Out is a completely free online dating site for single men and women looking for love,” the team explained. “You get all the features 100% free — no monthly fees — so put your credit card away!”

Whether they’re looking for a casual hookup, a serious relationship, or just some nightly entertainment, active users can join the Let’s Hang Out network to make something happen in the online dating scene.

The Basic Account Includes a Lot of Useful Features

LetsHangOut.com stands out in the online dating industry because it offers totally free chatting with no need to worry about upgrades, virtual coins, premium features, or any paid plans. The standard free account offers full access to the dating website, including online personal ads, photos, videos, and public posts.

The registration process takes less than a minute to complete. New users must submit some personal information about themselves (birthdate, gender, country, and ethnicity), but they do not have to supply their real names. LetsHangOut.com allows singles to come up with a username, and the moderators authenticate the account through email verification, not social media.

The user’s account will be password-protected, and a reCAPTCHA system will stop bots from entering the network with a fake profile.

“We highly recommend using a unique password that you do not use on any other website,” the LetsHangOut.com team said. “Using a combination of numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and symbols will make your password much more secure.”

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The online dating website recommends attractive profiles and potential matches.

Uploading a profile picture is optional on LetsHangOut.com, but many users choose to take this extra step to prove that they are the real deal. Posting videos can be another great way for singles to put themselves out there and build trust with each other.

LetsHangOut.com has a lot of fun matchmaking tools to facilitate romantic connections. The swiping features of the Hot or Not game can generate mutual matches, while the targeted search filters help individuals narrow the dating pool based on their dealbreakers.

“There are tons of features available, including extensive search capability and parameters,” the team said. “It’s great for single men and single women looking to connect for friends, dating, love, romance, and marriage.”

Security Measures for a Legit Online Dating Experience

LetsHangOut.com supports anonymous browsing (aka lurking) of its dating profiles, discussion boards, online games, and other sections, so individuals actually don’t need to create an account to explore the website. The signup-free policy can help shy folks get accustomed to the online dating world and see if it’s worth filling out a dating profile to meet new people here.

“Many female users take the opportunity to privately explore local dating options,” the team explained. “These lurkers will only go public with their dating profile if they see an attractive guy nearby and want to send a message.”

If users choose to create a dating profile, it will be manually reviewed before it goes live on the site. The team checks all photos and information to make sure fake profiles don’t intrude upon the community.

LetsHangOut.com has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to online scammers and fake profiles. If it receives a report of inappropriate or suspicious behavior, it will take action to remove the bad actors. Additionally, the dating website has anti-harassment tools, including a block button, to keep online daters safe. Blocked users can no longer send private messages to the blocker.

Screenshot of the dating forum

The dating discussion forum is open to everyone, but only account holders can post threads and replies.

Members can also delete their account at any time, and all their private messages will be erased automatically. Account deletion is permanent, and the only personal information saved will be the username, gender, IP address, and the dates of profile creation and deletion.

LetsHangOut.com has published some online dating safety tips to help local singles keep out of trouble and make informed decisions when it comes to their love lives. Newcomers to the online dating world may also want to consult the Dating Guide, a blog that offers general advice for building connections online.

An experienced team of dating experts has run LetsHangOut.com with integrity and successfully matched thousands of real people as a result.

“We believe quality is very important in a dating site, and we go above and beyond other dating sites in ensuring high standards,” the team said.

LetsHangOut.com: A Fun Place to Get to Know Potential Dates

Online dating can be an exciting way to make a new friend or pick up an attractive date. But some singles have difficulty making a match or affording a subscription on mainstream dating platforms. Many singles have turned to LetsHangOut.com after years of online dating without results. And like the Filipina woman who calls herself Cleopatra, they have received a warm welcome in the discussion boards.

A lot of singles said they have found a sympathetic ear and good advice on the LetsHangOut.com website and its public posts.

LetsHangOut.com supports many engaging, interesting, and flirtatious chats between strangers, and it does so without charging hidden fees or subscription payments. The open forum can provide meaningful support for lovesick singles who want to make real love connections online.

The dating site facilitates free chats that can spark first dates and may even lead to romantic relationships if everything goes well. Of course, online safety is a major concern, so online daters should take care to vet any love interests before making a commitment.

“Try to stay anonymous online. Don’t share your real name, personal address, work address, phone numbers or any other sensitive personal information,” the LetsHangOut.com team advises. “Remember: you are in control of your own dating experience.”