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Amber Brooks
Amber Brooks is the Editor-in-Chief at When she was growing up, her family teased her for being "boy crazy," but she preferred to think of herself as a budding dating and relationship expert. As an English major in college, Amber honed her communication skills to write clearly, knowledgeably, and passionately about a variety of subjects. Now with over 1,600 lifestyle articles to her name, Amber brings her tireless wit and relatable experiences to

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5 Best Dating Sites That Reddit Users Recommend (Sep. 2023)

Reddit Users Recommend Dating Sites That Really Work

By: Amber Brooks • 9/17/23

While Reddit is a massive platform with subforums and threads that cover a wide range of interests, the site has a...(read more)

6 Dating Sites That Matchmakers Recommend (Sep. 2023)

6 Dating Sites That Matchmakers Recommend

By: Amber Brooks • 9/15/23

Matchmakers are typically not very fond of dating sites, and most don’t make a secret of their dislike. After all,...(read more)

8 Dating Sites With the Best Marriage Success Rates (Sep. 2023)

Does Online Dating Ever Lead to Marriage?

By: Amber Brooks • 9/11/23

Although online dating is still the subject of jokes for comedians and sitcoms, several studies indicate that marriages...(read more)

6 Popular Dating Sites That Dating Coaches Recommend (Sep. 2023)

Dating Coaches Recommend the Best Dating Sites

By: Amber Brooks • 9/7/23

So many dating platforms compete for attention that it can be hard for singles to decide on the right one, and the...(read more)

11 Best Sites Like Ashley Madison (Sep. 2023)

11 Best Sites Like Ashley Madison

By: Amber Brooks • 9/1/23

If you're looking for romance outside of your relationship, Ashley Madison is probably the first dating site that comes...(read more)

15 Best Hookup Sites for Older Singles (Sep. 2023)

Best Hookup Sites for Older Singles

By: Amber Brooks • 8/19/23

It’s a common misconception that seniors have lower sex drives than younger people. In fact, senior communities are...(read more)

6 Best Dating Sites With Free Trials (Sep. 2023)

Which Dating Site Has the Best Free Trial Membership?

By: Amber Brooks • 8/11/23

Embarking on your online dating journey is an exciting experience. You never know who you'll meet when you make a dating...(read more)

6 Best Hookup Sites Reddit Users Recommend (Sep. 2023)

Which Hookup Sites Do Reddit Users Recommend?

By: Amber Brooks • 8/6/23

Reddit has become a community Q&A hub with answers to all sorts of pressing questions including, “Am I the asshole...(read more)

Review of the Ashley Madison Affair Dating Site (Sep. 2023)

Review of the Ashley Madison Affair Site

By: Amber Brooks • 8/5/23

In the wake of The Ashley Madison Affair, a documentary available for streaming on Hulu, a lot of people who may have...(read more)

6 Best Sissy & Femboy Dating Sites (Sep. 2023)

Sissy & Femboy Dating Sites

By: Amber Brooks • 8/3/23

Although terms like “sissy dating sites” and “femboy dating sites” are popular Google searches, a lot of gender...(read more)

Studies Show Modern Daters Are Experiencing Swiping Fatigue & Burnout

Research on Swiping Fatigue & Burnout

By: Amber Brooks • 8/1/23

Dating used to be so much simpler. A single person could go run errands or visit a local bar, meet that mystery person,...(read more)

7 Best Dating Sites in Illinois (Sep. 2023)

Which Dating Sites Are Popular in Illinois?

By: Amber Brooks • 7/29/23

Illinois is home to over 12 million people spread across the state’s many vibrant cities. One of the most exciting...(read more)

Forged In the North is a Creative Collective That Captures Candid Wedding Moments

Forged in the North Captures Candid Wedding Moments

By: Amber Brooks • 7/25/23

The Short Version: Forged in the North is a collective of wedding photographers and videographers who believe that the...(read more)

11 Best Men-Seeking-Women Dating Sites (Sep. 2023)

Where Do Men Meet Real Women Online?

By: Amber Brooks • 7/23/23

There are dozens of articles that address how rough online dating is for women, but men don’t have it easy on dating...(read more)

8 Best LGBTQ Dating Sites in Canada (Sep. 2023)

8 Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites in Canada

By: Amber Brooks • 7/21/23

Statistics Canada estimates that the LGBTQ+ population in the great white north numbers over 1 million people, so it...(read more)

8 Best Dating Sites in Pennsylvania (Sep. 2023)

8 Best Dating Sites in Pennsylvania

By: Amber Brooks • 7/17/23

Pennsylvania is a beautiful historic state in the USA. With over 12 million citizens, and the population growing year...(read more)

8 Best Granny Dating Sites & Apps (Sep. 2023)

Are Dating Sites Good for Granny?

By: Amber Brooks • 7/15/23

Whether you’re a senior single who wants to mingle with women your own age, or a younger dater seeking a more...(read more)

10 Best Summer Date Ideas (Active, Easy & Romantic)

Best Romantic Dates for Summer

By: Amber Brooks • 7/12/23

Dates are special moments where you have fun while getting to know your partner. And the summer provides you with a...(read more)

5 Dating Site Headline Hacks for Men

5 Dating Site Headline Hacks for Men

By: Amber Brooks • 6/30/23

When it comes to online dating, your profile is how you make your first impression. It’s the first thing that...(read more)

5 Best Cheating Apps (Sep. 2023 Reviews)

5 Best Cheating Apps & Sites

By: Amber Brooks • 6/18/23

We all have certain goals and visions for how we want our love lives to be. Sometimes those visions don’t match...(read more)