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Amber Brooks is the Editor-in-Chief at When she was growing up, her family teased her for being "boy crazy," but she preferred to think of herself as a budding dating expert. As an English major in college, Amber honed her communication skills to write clearly, knowledgeably, and passionately about a variety of subjects. Now with over 1,600 lifestyle articles to her name, Amber brings her tireless wit and relatable experiences to

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How to Write a Better Valentine’s Card – 5 Tips from a Professional Speech Writer

How to Write a Better Valentine’s Card

By: Amber Brooks • 2/1/23

You think about the gift, you book the restaurant weeks in advance, but how much thought do you put into what you write...(read more)

12 Best Europe Dating Apps & Sites (2023)

12 Best Europe Dating Apps & Sites

By: Amber Brooks • 1/23/23

Whether you’re backpacking across the continent, living your best expat life, traveling for business, or reconnecting...(read more)

The Original Black’s Barbecue Offers a Fun, Casual Atmosphere for a Date

Black’s Barbecue is Great for Fun Casual Dates

By: Amber Brooks • 12/16/22

The Short Version: Instead of going to the usual restaurant for steak or salmon, switch things up with your partner and...(read more)

Singles in America: Match’s 12th Annual Study Finds a New Generation Rising to Meet New Challenges

The Singles in America Study Assesses a New Generation

By: Amber Brooks • 12/5/22

The Short Version: Dating today can be intimidating. The world is always changing, and this past year is no different....(read more)

RedHotPie Has Built a Sex-Positive Community That Stretches Worldwide

RedHotPie is a Global Sex-Positive Community

By: Amber Brooks • 11/23/22

The Short Version: Tired of scrolling through the same dating app for the tenth time today? When it’s time to spice...(read more)

16 of the Most Underrated Dating Sites That Singles Should Know About 

Underrated Dating Sites Making Headlines

By: Amber Brooks • 11/21/22

It’s no secret that dating sites and dating apps are plentiful. As far back as 2013, Forbes reported a launch rate of...(read more)

Pittsburgh Opera Offers a Great Way to Impress a Date

Pittsburgh Opera Hosts Impressive Date Nights 

By: Amber Brooks • 11/17/22

The Short Version: Attending an opera performance may not be your typical go-to date night, but if you really want to...(read more)

The 8 Best Japanese Dating Sites & Apps for Local & International Dating (2023)

8 Best Japanese Dating Sites & Apps

By: Amber Brooks • 11/11/22

Given the rise in Asian representation in movies and TV, it should come as no surprise that Asian singles are popular on...(read more)

11 Popular Desi Sex Sites (With Video & Chat)

11 Popular Desi Sex Sites

By: Amber Brooks • 11/10/22

For South Asian singles, finding sex can present some unique obstacles. Conservative cultural values and family...(read more)

Solo Travelers Can Connect on Their Journey by Using the GAFFL Website 

Solo Travelers Connect Using GAFFL

By: Amber Brooks • 11/8/22

The Short Version: World travel is a dream that many people have for themselves, but not everyone has a significant...(read more)

The Whitney Museum of American Art is a Quiet & Thought-Provoking Space for a Date in NYC 

The Whitney Museum of American Art Hosts Thoughtful Dates

By: Amber Brooks • 10/24/22

The Short Version: If they want to get out of a dating rut, couples should consider going off the beaten path to explore...(read more)

12 Hookup Finder Sites & Apps That Arouse Interest Online

Hookup Finder Apps & Sites

By: Amber Brooks • 10/11/22

If you’re not looking for something serious, then using a hookup finder will do a lot more for you than the usual...(read more)

Is There an App Like Tinder—But For Friends? (9 Recommendations)

Is There a Tinder App for Friends?

By: Amber Brooks • 9/30/22

Making new friends can be harder than finding a new partner, if you’re a busy adult with little free time on your...(read more)

10 Fun Relationship Quizzes for Singles & Couples (2023)

10 Fun Relationship Quizzes & Love Tests

By: Amber Brooks • 9/22/22

Fun relationship quizzes can be a great tool for singles and couples alike. If you’re single, a relationship quiz can...(read more)

11 Free Random Video Chat Apps & Sites for Meeting Single People

Video Chat Apps Rise in Popularity

By: Amber Brooks • 9/21/22

Whether you’re bored at home or want to make new friends, a random video chat app can really spice up your life. Chat...(read more)

12 Good Dating Apps for Relationships, Hookups & New Friends

12 Good Dating Apps Ranked & Reviewed

By: Amber Brooks • 9/16/22

Separating the good dating apps from the bad is no easy task. Whether you’re asking friends for their recommendations...(read more)

Shindig Allows Dating Industry Pros to Host Memorable Online Events

Shindig Allows Dating Pros to Host Memorable Online Events

By: Amber Brooks • 9/14/22

The Short Version: Shindig is a virtual event and conference platform that gives hosts control over next-level breakout...(read more)

What’s Your Type? There’s a Niche Dating App For That!

What’s Your Type? There’s a Niche Dating App For That!

By: Amber Brooks • 9/8/22

The online dating app market grows every year. One estimated count of dating apps and sites added up to over 8,000....(read more)

10 Best Dating Sites for Interracial Relationships

10 Best Dating Sites for Interracial Relationships

By: Amber Brooks • 9/5/22

When it comes to the world of online dating, the choices available for singles are many and varied. Nowadays, love...(read more)

7 Asian Sex Dating Sites & Apps Worth Giving a Try (2023 Reviews)

7 Best Asian Sex Dating Sites & Apps

By: Amber Brooks • 8/31/22

The heart wants what it wants, and the same is true for a person’s libido. Some singles definitely have a type, and...(read more)