Do You Have Any Tips for Dating a Widow?

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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Reader Question:

Do you have any tips/comments for a 60-year-old successful businessman who is now dating a 57-year-old widow who, because of the passing of her husband, has a substantially greater net worth than he does?

-Johnny (California)

April Braswell’s Answer:

So long as you are a successful businessman in your own right and have sufficient assets for your retirement years, this need not pose a problem for your relationship.

If her greater net worth means she has suddenly started jet setting while you are enjoying running your business and living in the house you outright own, then that might be a different story.

Most senior singles are looking for a mate who has some financial assets, is mature about money and spending habits and who likely owns a home.

After that, your lifestyles should be aligned, but they need not be identical.

Wealthy widows don’t want to be saddled with a man in his 60s who all of a sudden wants her to become his sugar mama.

Is there something in particular where you two are having a problem?

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