40% of Women Have Experienced Exercise-Induced Pleasure

C. Price
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A new study may have found a new reason for women to hit the gym more often.

Researchers from Indiana University found 40 percent of women have experienced exercise-induced pleasure or orgasm.

The study consisted of two groups, 124 women who stated they experienced an exercise-induced orgasm and 246 women who stated they experienced non-orgasmic, but still sexual, pleasure while exercising.

Most women’s sexual pleasure, and nearly half of all gym-related orgasms, came from core-based exercises, especially those related to suspended leg lifts.

The vast majority of exercise-related orgasms came without the woman fantasizing while she worked out.


“Forty percent of women have experienced

exercise-induced pleasure or orgasm.”

Some women (primarily the women having orgasms) reported feeling embarrassed when they went to the gym due to the sexual pleasure they felt when working out.

According to the research, exercise-related sexual pleasure can make itself known early on in a woman’s life, with study author Debby Hebernick noting, “Many of these women talked about it happening even as children.”

Herbenick explained the link between exercise and orgasm could not only help scientists understand female orgasm and sexual functions better, but it may also help women understand their own bodies on a deeper level.

Source: LiveScience.com. Photo source: active-woman.co.uk.