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Alumni Allure: Survey Uncovers How Prestigious Degrees Influence Dating Success

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Written by: Jon McCallister

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Harvard, Stanford, MIT — degrees from these prestigious universities are often seen as tickets to career success. But what if they could also boost your dating profile? We surveyed 3,000 singles to determine whether degrees on resumes from certain universities make people more attractive in the dating world. 

The results rank by state where alumni from certain universities stand to have more success in finding a partner. 

Nationally, the top 10 were as follows:

#1 Harvard University

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, isn’t just about Ivy League charm. A Harvard degree screams, “I’m the whole package!” Imagine updating your dating profile to “Harvard alum.” Suddenly, you’re the intellectual heartthrob. Harvard graduates appear to be the superheroes of the academic world. 

#2 University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is where academic rigor meets wholesome, all-American charm. A Notre Dame degree says, “I’ve got brains, brawn, and a heart of gold.” Picture this: a partner who can talk about philosophy over dinner and still make it home for Sunday football. It’s no wonder Notre Dame grads are so appealing; they’re basically the full package wrapped in a Fighting Irish bow. 

#3 Stanford University

In Silicon Valley’s innovation wonderland, Stanford University is the breeding ground for the next tech moguls and world-changers. A Stanford degree isn’t just a certificate; it’s a badge that says, “I’m going places, want to come?” Stanford grads bring an irresistible mix of ambition and laid-back Californian vibes. They’re the kind of partner who’ll brainstorm start-up ideas over coffee and then take you surfing.

#4 Brown University

Brown University in Rhode Island is where creativity and intellectual freedom reign supreme. A Brown degree is like a quirky, charming badge of honor. Brown graduates are not just smart but also artsy and adventurous. They’re the free spirits of the academic elite, always ready to explore new ideas and new experiences. Dating a Brown alum could mean endless interesting conversations and spontaneous road trips.

#5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is the Mecca of tech and innovation. An MIT degree tells the world, “I’m not just a nerd; I’m the nerd who’ll change the world.” Singles from MIT are essentially the Einsteins of the dating pool. MIT grads are the ultimate problem-solvers, the kind of partner who’ll fix your Wi-Fi and then build you a robot for fun. Geek chic at its finest! 

#6 Yale University

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, combines centuries-old prestige with cutting-edge intellect. Dating a Yale grad is like stepping into a rom-com — they’re sophisticated, charming, and always ready with a fascinating fact or witty remark. Yale alums bring a blend of old-school elegance and modern savvy to the table, making them the perfect partners for deep conversations and fancy soirées.

#7 University of Florida

The University of Florida, located in Gainesville, is where academic prowess meets vibrant campus life. Gator grads know how to balance work and play, making them the life of any party and the star of any study group. Imagine dating someone who’s as comfortable discussing the latest scientific breakthrough as they are leading the Gator chomp at a game — it’s a win-win!

#8 Washington State University

Washington State University in Pullman is known for its strong sense of community and commitment to academic excellence. Cougars are the ultimate team players, both in their careers and relationships. Dating a WSU grad means you’ve got someone who’s always got your back, whether you’re facing a challenging project or planning a weekend getaway.

#9 University of Southern California (USC)

The University of Southern California in Los Angeles is a hotspot for future stars and innovators. Imagine dating someone who’s got the inside scoop on the entertainment industry and can introduce you to all the right people. USC grads are the dynamic, charismatic go-getters who light up any room they enter — perfect for those looking for a partner with a touch of Hollywood glamor.

#10 Princeton University

Princeton University in New Jersey epitomizes academic excellence and intellectual depth. Dating a Princeton grad is like having your very own intellectual powerhouse who’s also incredibly charming. They can bring a thoughtful, analytical approach to life and relationships, ensuring that every conversation is meaningful and every date is memorable.

Alumni Allure infographic

“As our survey shows, a degree from an elite university doesn’t just set you up for career success; it also makes you more appealing on the dating scene,” says Amber Brooks, Chief Editor of “Education and ambition are incredibly attractive qualities, and these institutions produce some of the most well-rounded and sought-after individuals in the dating pool.”

Further Insights From Our Survey

Ivy League Dominance: Four out of the top 10 universities (Harvard, Brown, Yale, and Princeton) are Ivy League schools, highlighting the significant appeal of prestigious, historically elite institutions when it comes to dating.

Strong Representation of STEM and Innovation: Institutions known for their focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (MIT and Stanford) are highly attractive, suggesting a strong correlation between technical expertise and dating desirability.

Balanced Appeal: Colleges like the University of Southern California and the University of Florida show that a mix of academic rigor and social skills is highly attractive. This indicates that singles value well-rounded individuals who can balance work and play.

Geographical Diversity: The top 10 list includes universities from various regions across the United States, indicating that attractiveness in the dating world isn’t confined to one specific area.

Cultural and Community Values: Universities such as Washington State University and Notre Dame highlight the importance of community values and cultural vibrancy, suggesting that singles appreciate partners who are team players and socially connected.

Creative and Intellectual Appeal: Brown University stands out for its emphasis on creativity and intellectual freedom, showing that unique, artsy qualities are also highly valued in potential partners.

Old-School Prestige vs. Modern Innovation: The list juxtaposes centuries-old institutions such as Yale and Princeton with modern innovation hubs like Stanford and MIT, indicating that both traditional prestige and contemporary success are attractive qualities.

“We’ve known that when men attain education at prestigious institutions, it can lead to elevated social clout and higher income,” said Dr. Wendy Walsh, clinical psychologist and relationship expert. “The research, however, didn’t work the same for women. When women achieve higher education and higher income, they often become less attractive, partly because men feel intimidated.”

Fortunately, this trend is changing. In 2021, 43% of married couples in America had a female head of household or breadwinner. That’s up from just 8% in 1990.

“Men are finally realizing that having a wife with a solid resume and paycheck isn’t a bad thing,” Dr. Wendy said. “My advice to those women: Perhaps your idea of a power man might be a guy who can power a stroller!”