Divorcees Report Sex with an Ex Can Relieve Psychological Distress

C. Price
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Most friends and family members warn against it, but a new study has found sex with an ex may have it’s advantages.

Researchers at the University of Arizona discovered sex with an ex may lower psychological distress for divorcees.

Published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 137 recently divorced individuals were analyzed for the report.

According to the results, 82.5 percent remained in contact with their ex after the separation and 21.9 percent had sex.

How resolved a person is about their divorce may play a key role. Those still having difficulty with the split were more likely to find temporary comfort in reconnecting with a former spouse.


“Those having difficulty with the split were more

likely to find comfort in reconnecting.”

For those more adjusted to the split, researchers found the sex made little difference in how they coped with the issues that come with divorce.

The report revealed returning to a former lover or spouse can often provide a much needed sense of security for many divorcees, along with a nostalgic return to happier times.

Many psychologists have long advised against a relationship with a former spouse, as it might slow the natural progression of moving ahead in life.

The new data offers a positive viewpoint of why so many return to the arms of a former spouse and how some may actually heal through it.

Source: The University of Arizona. Photo source: mid-day.com.