1 in 6 People Report Their Health Affects Their Sex Life

C. Price
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How healthy a person is can certainly play a role in the overall quality of their sex life. A decrease in sexual activity has long been overly associated with simple aging.

However, new research has found a surprising number of Americans, including younger people, see their sex lives reduced due to issues of health beyond simply growing older.

Among both men and women in the U.S., one in six reported their sex life had been negatively impacted by their own health.

However, only about one in four men, 24 percent, and one in five women, 18 percent, said they’d sought out a medical solution, most frequently through a personal doctor.

Examining the relationship between health and age, the researchers found the proportion of people sexually active in the four weeks prior to survey decreased among older participants.

“One in six reported their sex life had been

negatively impacted by their health.”

Yet a more significant drop was seen related to those reporting direct health concerns.

Of those surveyed, 60 percent reported being satisfied with their current sex life.

The data used for the research came from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, where participants were surveyed on their sexual activity and their overall health.

According to Dr. Nigel Field, of the University College London, many patients with chronic ill-health are well aware of the effect it has on their sex lives, but most never seek help from a doctor.

“This suggests a need to raise awareness, improve guidance and build communication skills among health professionals,” he said.

The report stresses the importance of seeking help for sexual issues early on and encourages physicians to offer clear sexual advice to their patients.

The study appeared in the journal The Lancet.

Source: counselheal.com. Photo source: dailyrecord.co.uk