Men’s Testosterone Levels Drop When Interacting with Their Friends’ Wives

C. Price
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Drops in testosterone indicate men are naturally wired to avoid pursuing their friends’ romantic partners, according to a new study.

Coming out of the University of Missouri, the study found men’s testosterone levels actually drop when interacting with their friends’ wives.

Researchers said high testosterone levels correlate with increased sexual aggression. Conversely, low testosterone levels correlate with lowered attraction.


“Men’s testosterone levels actually drop

when interacting with their friends’ wives.”

If interacting with a certain woman spikes a man’s testosterone, he will find her more attractive than the average woman, but when a man’s testosterone levels drop when interacting with a woman, this leaves him feeling disinterested in her.

Researchers said the study provides a biochemical understanding for why men generally do not commit adultery with their friends’ wives, despite having more opportunity to cheat with these women than an unknown woman they meet at a bar or work.

“Men’s testosterone levels generally increase when they are interacting with a potential sexual partner or an enemy’s mate,” Mark Finn said. “However, our findings suggest that men’s minds have evolved to foster a situation where the stable pair bonds of friends are respected.”

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