Marriages 50% More Likely to End in Divorce If Woman Earns More

C. Price
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Could a woman earning more money than her husband affect their relationship? A new study coming out of the University of Chicago suggests just that.

According to the study, marriages where the woman earns more than the man are 50% more likely to end in divorce, and those marriages that remain intact report significantly lower feelings of satisfaction than unions where the man earns more than the woman.

Unfortunately, women feel the impact of gender norms and income disparities in every aspect of their lives, not solely within the context of their relationship.

When a woman earns more than her partner, she is more likely to quit her job, she is more likely to earn less than her male peers, and she is less likely to take advantage of new career opportunities than comparable women within her field.

Perhaps most shockingly is women who earn a larger salary than their partners actually perform more housework than women who earn less than their partners, further adding tension to their lives and their relationships.

The study found these patterns repeating themselves regardless of whether a woman earned a lot more or only a little, suggesting these problems occur as soon as a woman advances professionally beyond her partner.

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