Number of Singles Rising in Singapore Even with Strong Desire to Marry

C. Price
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While the desire for marriage remains strong among young people in Singapore, an increasing number of the country’s citizens are choosing to remain single.

That’s the news coming from the country’s National Population and Talent Division, which looked at 2,120 singles and found that even though the number of single people has been on the rise in Singapore over the last decade, 83 percent of respondents want to get married — they just face certain roadblocks on the path to true love.

Most young people in Singapore are just too busy to think about finding a mate, with many young singles choosing to focus on school or work before they tie the knot.

Unfortunately, this fixation on school and work seems to play a big role in another reason why there are so many young single people in Singapore — limited social contact.

Most people in Singapore work so much they have a difficult time spending time with anyone but their co-workers, putting a damper on their attempts to meet their match.

Source: The National Population and Talent Division via Photo source: