People More Likely to Seek Intimacy in Early Winter and Summer

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When do you crave love and sex the most?

A new study tracking Google keyword searches discovered people are most likely to seek intimacy in the early winter (around Christmas) and during the early summer.

The study examined trends in keyword searches over the course of five years, from January 2006 to March 2011, and noticed searches for keywords related to both love (“”) and sex (“xxx,” “call girl”) dramatically spiked during these two points of the year, even though the volume of other popular keyword searches remained consistent year round.


“People are most likely to seek intimacy in the

early winter and during the early summer.”

Study researcher Patrick Markey said he was surprised to see an indication that different forms of intimacy follow the same basic cycles.

“I was amazed that an almost identical trend existed for dating and prostitution searches,” he said.

These results align with previous studies noting condom sales peak during these points in the year, as does sexual activity among young people.

Whether these trends are social or biological in nature is currently unknown and open to speculation.

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