Study Finds Men Perform Oral Sex to Increase Relationship Satisfaction

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It turns out men may have several reasons for going down on their partners.

According to a new study, some men perform oral sex as a means of decreasing the likelihood of being cheated on or left.

Conducted by evolutionary psychologists at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., men who perceived themselves to be at a greater risk of losing their partner were more likely to continue cunnilingus until their partner achieves an orgasm.

According to the report, “Cunnilingus and female orgasm may be best explained as a male mate retention strategy.”

The research, which appeared in the scientific journal Evolutionary Psychology, involved 243 heterosexual men – each in a relationship.

The men surveyed for the study consisted of both Americans and Germans.

While only a hypothesis, the researchers believe the higher level of performance from men more at risk suggests it may be a preventive measure, perhaps even an unconscious one.


“By increasing the partner’s sexual satisfaction,

the man would decrease the odds of losing her.”

By increasing the partner’s sexual satisfaction in the relationship, the man would theoretically decrease the odds of losing her to another mate, according to the report.

As part of the study, the participants were each asked about recent sexual encounters with their partner.

The results of which men performed oral sex, as well as performed until orgasm was reached, was compared against how much risk the individual participants perceived in their own relationship.

Although the research points out no single hypothesis can cover a complete explanation for why some men perform oral sex more than others, the results were still compelling.

Researchers said they are attempting to better understand how people are sometimes compelled into certain behaviors by more primal instincts.

Source: Epjournal.net. Photo source: mendaily.com.