Study Offers Insight Into Chinese Students’ Sexual Relationships

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A recent study aimed to peel back the curtain on the sexual relationships of university students in China — a topic that has generally been avoided in the past.

Out of 1,403 students, 12.6 percent reported having premarital sex, 10.8 percent reported having oral sex, and 2.7 percent reported experiencing homosexual sex.

Around half of all students reported they masturbated and a similar percentage of respondents reported watching pornography.

Only a small percentage of respondents (13.7 percent) talked about sex with their parents, while only 7.1 percent talked about contraception with their parents.


“Males reported a significantly higher rate

of sexual experiences than females.”

Overall, males reported a significantly higher rate of sexual experiences than females, including whether or not they had been forced to have sex, despite the fact males also reported having forced a partner to have sex at a higher rate than females.

These findings suggest males may simply have felt greater comfort accurately reporting details about their sex lives than females, a point further complicated by the fact most university students, especially females, did not have access to “sex-related knowledge.”

Other factors correlating with a greater chance of sexual activity among Chinese university students included being involved in a romantic relationship, growing up in a city and spending a lot of time online.

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