Study: Size Does Matter to Women

C. Price
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Does size really matter to women? The question has been up for debate for decades.

But a new study found penis size actually does matter to women to some extent.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study found women consider men with longer penises to be more attractive but men with substantially larger-than-average penises are seen as less attractive.

The study consisted of 105 heterosexual Australian women who viewed 53 life-size images of computer-generated male bodies.


“Women consider men with substantially

larger-than-average penises as less attractive.”

Each body varied in terms of height, shoulder-to-hip ratio and penis size. Researchers wanted to determine which sexual characteristics correlated with increased attractiveness.

Participants responded favorably to men who were taller than average, who had broader shoulders than average and who had larger-than-average penises.

However, the study’s results weren’t quite so cut and dry. For example, researchers found women preferred shorter men with broad shoulders to taller men with less masculine traits.

Furthermore, the study found men only need to be slightly taller or broader than average to elicit greater attraction from women, and this pattern held true for penis size as well.

Ultimately, the study determined women favored penises ranging from 5.04 to 5.6 inches in its flaccid state.

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