Well-Endowed Men Aren’t Always Sexually Confident, Study Finds

C. Price
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How much does size really matter? Apparently, it may be a bigger issue for men.

New research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found many well-endowed men are often embarrassed by their members, while having less size did not deter men with small penises from having sexual confidence.

Similar to other forms of body dissatisfaction, the actual size of the penis is often not the issue.

“It’s an emotional feeling,” said psychiatrist David Veale , of King’s College in London.

Veale and his colleagues recruited 173 men for their online study, surveying them on issues of erectile dysfunction, fears of loneliness, overall body image and how they viewed their own penis.

Of the group, 46 agreed to have their member measured, both while erect and flaccid.

“There was no correlation between men with

image issues and men who were less endowed.”

Roughly a third of the group reported some dissatisfaction with their penis. Slightly more, 35 percent, said they were happy with its size. The remaining respondents fell somewhere in between.

What researchers could not find was a correlation between the men who experienced body image issues and men who were not so well-endowed.

Experiencing such anxieties proved more connected to personal experiences or fears rather than the actual measurements.

“Quite a few of them have been teased about their size, either by an ex-partner or in the showers as an adolescent,” Veale said.

Certain men were found more likely to experience this issue, including older men and gay men.

Gay and bisexual men have long been known to demonstrate higher body awareness than their straight counterparts, and the study’s authors said they often have more of an opportunity to compare male body averages than straight men.

Source: King’s College. Photo source: mensfitness.com.