Women Twice as Likely to Discuss Sex Lives with Friends Than Partners

C. Price
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Discuss This! Discuss This!

Locker room talk has typically been most associated with men – rehashing, reliving or wildly exaggerating their own sexual glory.

But is there a female equivalency to this practice?

New research says there is, though perhaps one not as self-serving.

As it turns out, women are twice as likely to talk with friends about their sex lives than they are with their own partners, even on a date night.

Of the women surveyed, 64 percent copped to regularly discussing their other half while out with friends. What’s more, half of those admitted what they shared was sexual in nature.

“Sixty-four percent of women regularly

discuss their other half with friends.”

This compares with findings that while out with their husbands or boyfriends, only 16 percent of women discussed such matters. The women surveyed indicated that on a date, issues of family or work were more likely.

The topic of current men actually trumped several other conversation favorites, including weddings and marriage, discussed among just 12 percent of the women.

Mecca Bingo commissioned the research, which focused on the differences between men and women both in their dating lives and how they view issues of love, sex and marriage.

One familiar finding the report confirmed was women take more time in getting ready for an evening out than their male counterparts.

However, women were found to put more effort into their appearance when getting together with friends as opposed to a date. Not only was more time typically spent in preparing to meet friends, but women were also more likely to buy something new for the occasion.

In fact, one in three women indicated buying a new dress for an evening out with friends, while just one in five did so for their partner.

Source: dailymail.co.uk. Photo source: theblairlist.com