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10 Best Canada Matchmakers of 2024

Chloë Hylkema

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Canada is the second-largest country in the world by geographical area, yet it is one of the world’s most sparsely populated. The beautiful landscape includes exquisite mountain ranges, breathtaking bodies of water, and countless miles of rugged wilderness. 

Canada’s stunning natural beauty and multicultural population make it not only a wonderful place to live but a wonderful place to find love. Canadian singles who feel they could use a little guidance in the romance department should consider the help of one of the country’s best matchmakers.

Matchmakers can make it easier for singles in the Great White North to find the partner of their dreams. These matchmakers help Canada’s finest make new connections and meet other high-quality singles dedicated to finding a long-term relationship.

Krystal Walter | Shannon Tebb | Carmelia Ray | Carol Sugar-Burke | Rebecca Cooper Traynor | Terran Shea | Emily Lyons | Jean-eva Dickie | Linda Miller | Annie Garmendia 

Krystal Walter helps singles begin their love story. Krystal started her career in commercial real estate and decided to change directions in 2012. She always had a passion for connecting singles and wanted to create a matchmaking service with an emphasis on confidentiality, simplicity, and fun. Her services transcend the games of online dating and many of the traditional aspects of matchmaking.

Krystal and her team serve singles across North America. They take time to get to know each of their clients, and they go deeper than the surface to understand who they’re looking for. Since Krystal founded her matchmaking service, she and her team have continued to perfect their databases, methods, and introductions to create a truly bespoke matchmaking experience for Canadian singles.

Best for: Introductions in Canada and the United States

Shannon Tebb, otherwise known as Shanny in the City, wears many hats in the world of dating and relationships. Shannon is a professional Dating Coach, Wingwoman, and boutique matchmaker. Based in Toronto, she started her dating consulting business in 2010. Shannon works with all kinds of clients who want guidance in love and romance.

Through her own dating experiences and relationships, Shannon learned what men fall in love with and became inspired to share this knowledge with other single women. She’s intimately familiar with the Toronto dating scene and takes clients under her wing to show them all the wonderful things they can get out of dating. Shannon’s matchmaking services save single women time and energy, so they can spend their time making only real connections.

Best for: Single Professionals

Carmelia Ray is a celebrity matchmaker and online dating expert who helps Canada’s most successful singles find love. Carmelia works with busy, professional, and wealthy singles looking for privacy, confidentiality, and great results in their dating lives. She’s been in the business for nearly 30 years, so Carmelia knows a thing or two about matchmaking and attraction.

As they can with many matchmaking services, singles can hire Carmelia as their personal matchmaker or join her extensive database. Verified matchmaking clients and qualified database members can be matched with Carmelia’s elite network of high-caliber, successful singles. With Carmelia’s help, high-quality and successful singles can forge a simpler path to love.

Best for: Single Executives & Professionals

Carol Sugar-Burke is the Exclusive Matchmaker at Bespoke Matchmaking. Carol has a background in business and psychology, but her true passion lies in helping people find happiness. While working for major corporations, Carol spent her free time playing matchmaker for single friends and associates. Eventually, she transitioned into the world of professional matchmaking and founded her own service, which serves LGBTQ+ Canadian singles.

Carol is intuitive and caring and wants to lead her clients to lives full of love. Carol and the whole team at Bespoke Matchmaking are in tune with the gay and lesbian dating scene and guide their clients through the ups and downs of dating. Bespoke offers an alternative to online dating for LGBTQ+ singles across Canada.

Best for: LGBTQ+ Singles

Rebecca Cooper Traynor is the founder of Match Me Canada and an expert on all things love and relationships. Rebecca founded Match Me Canada in 2009 with the acknowledgment that dating is hard – but it doesn’t have to be. Since she founded her own matchmaking agency, Rebecca acquired four other matchmaking services, which she combined to build a full-service dating agency.

Rebecca and her Match Me team support their clients through the dating journey and stick by their side far past the first introduction. Match Me takes a hybrid approach that combines traditional matchmaking techniques and harnesses the power of online dating. When Rebecca isn’t matching up singles for romance, she’s working with her husband at their winery in Prince Edward, Ontario.

Best for: Hybrid Matchmaking Approach

Terran Shea is the Head Matchmaker and Dating Coach of Mutual Match, an exclusive matchmaking service with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Terran and her team are dedicated to finding their clients real love in real life. Terran, who has a background in journalism and corporate consulting, specializes in working with growth-oriented professionals and leaders who have achieved success in nearly all areas of life – except love.

Terran and the Mutual Match team help singles in any area of romance they need assistance with. Whether it’s one-on-one matchmaking, dating coaching, or a Dating Reset, Mutual Match’s offerings help clients learn more about themselves and discover what changes need to be made to find success in dating. Terran has over 15 years of matchmaking experience and holds a 93% matching success rate.

Best for: Diverse Dating Services

Emily Lyons is the founder of Lyons Elite, an elite matchmaking service based in Toronto. Emily wears many hats as the founder of Lyons Elite and the CEO of an event staffing and modeling agency called Femme Fatale Media Group. When it comes to matchmaking, Emily helps singles who have found great success in their professional lives and are looking to extend that success to romance.

Lyons Elite is an upscale matchmaking service that serves clients who are ready for marriage and long-term commitment. Many of Emily’s clients are entrepreneurs and business leaders who are highly driven, focused, and used to outsourcing aspects of their personal lives. With the help of Emily and her expert team, busy and high-achieving professionals can find someone wonderful to share their lives with. 

Best for: Luxury Matchmaking

Jean-eva Dickie is the founder of Book of Love Canada, a matchmaking and dating coaching service based in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Jean-eva began her journey as a single woman herself, trying to navigate the chaos of modern dating. She couldn’t find the results she wanted from dating and was often left wondering what she was doing wrong. 

While she built her matchmaking and dating coaching company, she learned a lot about how to find success in dating. Jean-eva and her team help their clients break their relationship cycles, become the best version of themselves, and learn to attract the kind of partner they want. The Book of Love is Jean-eva’s extensive matchmaking database, jam-packed with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick’s best singles.

Best for: Nova Scotia Singles

Linda Miller is the matchmaker behind Misty River Introductions, a matchmaking firm that takes the uncertainty out of dating. Linda is the founder of Misty River Introductions and has over 30 years of matchmaking experiences. She’s connected couples for hundreds of marriages using her natural and intuitive knack for matching compatible people.

Linda works in the Ontario and western Quebec areas and boasts a client base of over 10,000 eligible singles in Toronto alone, 5,000 in Ottawa and thousands more throughout the province. The matchmaking firm serves heterosexual and LGBTQ+ singles. All Misty River Introductions clients are seeking serious relationships, and many are simply too busy to dedicate time to traditional or online dating. Linda and her team value confidentiality, privacy, and simplicity and work hard to make dreamy introductions for their clients.

Best for: Matchmaking Made Simple

Annie Garmendia is one of Toronto’s top matchmakers and a senior matchmaker at Cinqe Matchmaking’s Toronto Office. Annie works with successful and high-profile clients in the Toronto area and beyond. Her matchmaking practice caters to singles who are accustomed to outsourcing different aspects of their daily lives so they can focus on business. 

Annie built a reputation in Toronto for finding and matchmaking hard-to-find eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who are ready for commitment. Since much of Annie’s clientele are busy professionals, she has developed a matchmaking process that solves the logistical issues of scheduling dates. Annie’s matchmaking database is robust and includes high-quality singles across Canada.

Best for: Busy Toronto-Area Professionals

No matter what area of dating and romance a single needs guidance in, one of these matchmakers has the experience and expertise to help. Just as the dating scene has been transformed in big ways in the recent past, so has matchmaking. Gone are the days of a matchmaking scene defined by high-budget, exclusive matchmaking platforms that only serve male clients – matchmaking has never been so accessible.

These Canadian matchmaking services represent the best of what the country has to offer. They offer a wide range of services that can help any dater who’s ready to take the leap into love. If you’re ready to make a big change in your romantic life, any of these matchmakers could be your most helpful resource in making it happen.