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10 Best Single Dating Blogs of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema uses her writing skills to create useful and up-to-date content for Chloë is an Emory University grad who is familiar with what it means to date in the modern age, and she works to write material that is engaging, truthful, and as helpful as possible. Being on the front lines of the dating scene, Chloë is committed to staying engaged with the ever-changing world of dating to provide the most useful content to readers.

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If you’re single, you’re in a great spot to dedicate some time to improving yourself. These blogs all focus on topics relevant to single folks who are ready to date again. They address issues ranging from date night ideas to advice for dealing with rejection. The blogs help readers understand all the nuances of single life with an understanding tone and practical advice.

As wonderful as it is to date and have a partner, there is something special about being single. You have the freedom to explore new things, meet new people, and learn exciting things about yourself. Single people have all the time they want to self-reflect and gain a clearer idea of the kind of life they want – and the kind of person they want to spend it with.

Date Like a Grownup | Hey Saturday | Michelle Jacoby | Advice by Chloe | Love in 90 Days | Baggage Reclaim | Healthy Framework | Loni James | Never Settle | DBag Dating 

Bobbi Palmer is the voice and face behind Date Like a Grownup, a blog created for smart and accomplished single women. Bobbi is happily married and comes from a professional background in the corporate world. Like many of the women she writes for, Bobbi was single and dating throughout her 30s and 40s, and got married for the first time at 47.

Date Like a Grownup offers real-world advice and deep compassion to single and dating women over 40. Bobbi knows just how challenging the experience of dating was, specifically as an accomplished and secure woman in her 40s. She extends to her readers the understanding and empathy they need. Through her blog, Bobbi helps readers feel good about themselves and rediscover the joy that can be found in dating. 

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Best for: Mature Dating Women

Hey Saturday is a blog that touches on all the different aspects of being single, from how to develop a healthy online dating mindset to reflections on how the COVID-19 pandemic changed dating. Hey Saturday’s blog posts complement the company’s main service, which is online dating profile photography. Saskia is the founder of Hey Saturday. She created the service in 2013, motivated by her desire to help people find love online.

Single folks can find tried-and-true advice for online daters on the blog. Saskia keeps her finger on the pulse of the online dating world so singles can be sure they’re getting the most up-to-date advice. The online dating landscape is constantly changing, and if you’re newly single or unfamiliar with online dating, it can be a daunting task to approach. Whatever online dating questions you have, a Hey Saturday post probably has the answer!

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Best for: Online Daters

Michelle Jacoby knows how incredibly frustrating it is to be ready for love and not be able to find it. Michelle’s blog posts are geared toward single women for whom finding the time and energy to date is a challenge. When they do find the gusto to date, they’re usually left less-than-pleased. Michelle wants single women to know there are high-quality, amazing men out there, and she’s ready to help women find them.

Michelle’s blogs touch on all the topics single women need to know. Posts include advice and resources for dating single parents and tips for people who have a hard time knowing what they’re looking for in a man. Every stage of a relationship, from the first date to moving in together, can benefit from expert advice. Michelle has a background in matchmaking and dating coaching, meaning she’s in the business of helping women find incredible partners.

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Best for: Women Ready to Find Love

Through Advice by Chloe, clinical social worker and dating consultant, Chloe, helps all kinds of daters with dating tips that bring real success. Chloe understands that online dating can be a tumultuous experience, from the frequent ghosting to the awkward first dates. She helps her clients improve their dating profiles, learn tips for smoothly asking someone out on a date, and gain the confidence they’ve been looking for.

On Advice by Chloe, singles can find blog posts about how to survive a broken heart, information about common dating terms, and grooming advice for men putting together their dating profiles. Chloe gives advice from the perspective of both a relationship pro and a woman who’s dated before. Her advice for men is simple and emphasizes having authentic fun while dating.

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Best for: Single Men Dating Online

Love in 90 Days offers great advice for single and dating women, regardless of their age, location, or appearance. Dr. Diana Kirschner’s blogs on Love in 90 Days give practical advice that women can use to forge stronger and healthier relationships. Dr. Diana is a PBS Love Expert, best-selling author, and psychologist. She uses her diverse professional and personal background to help her readers learn what they need to know to have dating success.

Dr. Diana updates the Love in 90 Days blog frequently, with posts like hacks for getting rid of the holiday blues and dating tips for introverts. She covers all the topics that daters need to know about, including blog posts that help single people self-reflect and work on themselves. Dr. Diana has a kind, empathetic, and simple approach that instills blog readers with confidence and excitement for dating.

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Best for: Women Ready to Find the One

Baggage Reclaim takes the drama out of dating and replaces it with confidence, secure attachments, and loving relationships. Natalie Lue is the voice behind Baggage Reclaim, and she’s an author, self-esteem coach, and relationship expert with a passion for helping people find the companionship they’ve dreamed of. Natalie believes single people should focus on themselves first and address past hurts and mistakes in their previous relationships. 

Natalie was inspired to create Baggage Reclaim to help single people do the self-work necessary to be great daters and attractive partners. After all, hurts from past relationships and life experiences can cause a dater to carry baggage, which ultimately only hinders them in dating. Blog posts address topics like empathy, people-pleasing, and the joy of saying no.

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Best for: Single People Who Want to Focus on Themselves

Healthy Framework comes from the understanding that dating can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right direction and support, even the most hesitant and wary daters can find a dating experience they enjoy. Healthy Framework’s dating advice is written by a team of professional dating and relationship experts who have over 50 years of combined experience. Blog authors include dating coaches, relationship consultants, marriage counselors, body language experts, and more.

Healthy Framework offers daters advice on online dating. The site covers the basics, so it’s a great option for someone brand new to online dating. Healthy Framework offers advice for daters of diverse religious backgrounds. There are six-part guides for Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim daters. The guides are designed to help single people bring their dating A-game to the table while upholding their religious values.

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Best for: Religious Singles

Loni James


Loni James quit her job to travel the world and meet new people. Along the way, she went on dates to meet locals and explore each of her destinations in a new (and pretty cute) way. Loni learned so much about herself, dating, and other people throughout the experience, and shares all of her wisdom with her followers through her blog. Loni has the unique perspective of meeting tons of new people, all from different places and backgrounds. 

Loni’s #adateineverycountry blog series follows her as she dates a new person in each of her travel destinations. She posts about connecting with locals in London, going on a date in Egypt during Ramadan, and meeting in Jordan with an American man who had been living in the Middle East for over a decade. Loni’s one-of-a-kind perspective offers single people a glimpse into all of the exciting things dating can offer.

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Best for: Unique Dating Perspective

Eve Harrow loves talking about dating and relationships. That’s why she created Never Settle, an online treasure trove of resources, tips, and stories that help single folks navigate the journey of dating. Eve founded Never Settle in 2014 after the end of a long-term, unhealthy relationship. Eve shared her own healing journey and what helped her recover and rediscover the joy of meeting new people and growing close to them.

Blog post categories include relationships, dating & sex, and breakups. Never Settle’s blogs don’t shy away from the ugly aspects of dating, like ghosting and experiencing a devastating breakup. To Eve, all of the challenges singles face in dating are part of a story that ends with authentic companionship. Blog posts include “The Secret to a Happy Relationship” and “FRIENDS Case Study: Was Ross in the Wrong?”

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Best for: Millennial Single Women

DBag Dating was born after its anonymous author got a taste of dating in Paris. The author expected walks along the Seine and romantic day trips to Normandy, and found instead hygiene-challenged French hipsters and a lackluster dating experience. Inspired by her experiences, she started writing the DBag Dating blog. DBag Dating feels like a personal journal of dating and relationship experiences, complete with romantic adventures and misadventures alike.

DBag Dating offers blog posts that recount the author’s encounters with various men, each of distinctly interesting backgrounds and dating habits. The author’s writing style is personal, humorous, and captivating – it feels like reading the musings of a close friend recalling all of their dating experiences. DBag Dating offers practical advice and plenty of written catharsis for women who have done their fair share of dating and are still working to find the one.

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Best for: Personal Dating Reflections

No matter how attractive or successful you are, you’re going to encounter some obstacles and challenges while dating. Dating often puts single people into positions they’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with and can be a disorienting experience if they’re not adequately prepared.

With the right resources and support, single people can learn to lean into the craziness of dating and discover how to enjoy it. While these blogs are all centered around dating, their primary focus is on helping single people improve and learn more about themselves. Complete with been-there-done-that advice and an understanding tone, these blogs offer something for all kinds of single people.