10 Best Dating Apps for Couples

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10 Best Dating Apps for Couples

C. Price C. Price • 3/22/16

Dating apps are becoming more and more popular, but they aren’t just for singles looking to hook up.

Our 10 Best Dating Apps for Couples provide lovers with new ways to communicate, share pictures, show affection and get to know each other – all by using a smartphone!



Bragging Rights: Growing as a couple

At just $1.99 for iOS and Android per couple, Avocado couples can privately message, create to-do lists, send faces, sketch and take part in virtual hugs and kisses. They can even upload “Photocons” to archive relationship milestones and share on Twitter. Based on the avocado, a tree that only produces fruit when grown alongside another tree of its kind, this app is looking for lifelong love.

Social Clout: 8,047 likes, 2,496 followers

URL: https://avocado.io/



Bragging Rights: Doing things with people you love

Duet, a free iOS app, allows users to ask a crush or significant other on a date. You create a “duet” by sending a personal, one-on-one invite that prompts “Let’s (fill in the blank)” and the invitee can either accept or decline. Don’t worry if you don’t have the app downloaded. You can still receive personal notes through SMS message.

Social Clout: 545 followers

URL: http://duet.me/



Bragging Rights: For the private couple

Do you get nervous when you put something out into the digital atmosphere? If so, check out the free iOS and Android app “Couple.” It allows couples to text and share videos and photos in a private manner. The app also shows when your “partner” is online and the “ThumbKiss” feature lets couples place thumbs together on the screen and virtually kiss.

Social Clout: 6,422 likes, 3,797 followers

URL: http://couple.me/



Bragging Rights: Make the most of your relationship

A iPhone app, going for $1.99, TheIceBreak lets individuals ask fun questions that can be privately and publicly answered. Get to know your partner while collecting “Date Night Coins” to exchange at local restaurants, and use the private “Wall” to share photos and messages, rate communication, partner support and relationship satisfaction and chart your relationship.

Social Clout: 2,532 followers, 219  likes

URL: http://theicebreak.com/



Bragging Rights: Encouraging couples to talk

Have you ever wanted to tell your partner how you’re feeling via smartphone, but you couldn’t get the emotion across? Then check out Tokii, a free iPhone app that lets you set a “Daily Mood” you and your partner can message about. Tokii also features more than 250 Discovery Games to play with your partner, which allow you to learn and love each other.

Social Clout: 7,140 likes, 1,363 followers

URL: https://tokii.com/



Bragging Rights: A space just for two

A free iPhone and Android app, Between allows couples to message privately while sharing photos, texts and voice messages. It also archives important milestones, future dates and memos. When has such a meaningful app come on the market that touts itself as “a beautiful space where you can share all your moments only with the one that matters”?

Social Clout: 47,349 likes, 5,903 followers

URL: http://appbetween.us/



Bragging Rights: For those on the go

Missing your boo? Keep in contact with your partner by recording short messages via HeyTell, a free iOS and Android app. It’s a fast and private way to listen to messages like voice mail – great for travelers and busy couples. Offering “push to talk,” this free app is the next answering machine for those of us on the go.

Social Clout: 23,312 likes, 2,930 followers

URL: http://heytell.com/



Bragging Rights: An app for couples, made by couples

iLoveNote is looking to enrich communication and promote healthy relationships through its features, including Love Note (post private notes or photos), Date Night (book a date), Hot Topix (talk about important topics), Bucket List (create things you want to do as a couple) and Mends (improve your relationship and track the progress using icons).

Social Clout: 4,152 likes, 50 followers

URL: http://ilovenote.com/

Feel Me


Bragging Rights: A sweet, playful connection

Feel Me, an iOS texting app that gives couples live connections over the phone, is basically foreplay for those looking to connect via the World Wide Web. The app shows where the other person is touching his or her iPhone and when both touch the same spot, the area lights up and vibrates or makes a sound. Kinky! While the app is not yet available, we know some of you will be chomping at the bit.

Social Clout: 667 followers

URL: http://www.feelmeapp.com

Ask Me Anything


Bragging Rights: Helping couples communicate

Looking to help couples understand each other better, Ask Me Anything is an app featuring more than 600 fun, intriguing and deep questions, such as “Are we lovers, friends or both?” Not sure how your better half is feeling? Then use Ask Me Anything for queries based on mood or circumstances, including categories like “Fun & Awkward” and “The Deep End.”

Social Clout: 76 likes

URL: http://www.askmeanythingapps.com/

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