Cassey Ashley Sua

Cassey Ashley Sua
Cassey blends her background in social and human behavior, along with digital marketing, seamlessly into her writing. With a versatile portfolio spanning Tourism, E-commerce, Tech, Hospitality, and Medical industries, she weaves meaningful narratives that resonate with audiences. Connecting words into sentences is her craft, but Cassey also finds joy in forming genuine connections with people from all walks of life on LinkedIn.

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How Does Swiping Work?

Left or Right? Swiping Etiquette Explained

By: Cassey Ashley Sua • 5/8/24

Swipe left, swipe right. What exactly is swiping?...(read more)

What Is PDA?

Is PDA Good for Your Relationship?

By: Cassey Ashley Sua • 5/7/24

Ever noticed how some couples are all about holding hands, hugging, or stealing a peck in public? Yep, that's Public...(read more)

What Does “Netflix and Chill” Mean?

What Does "Netflix and Chill" Mean?

By: Cassey Ashley Sua • 4/27/24

"Wanna come over to Netflix and chill?"...(read more)