1 Senior Dating Activity You Should Do This Month

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The #1 Senior Dating Activity You Should Do This Month

April Braswell
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The weather outside really might be frightful where you live as the frigid days of January start.

As a midlife single, you might be desiring just to stay indoors bundled up in front of your fireplace enjoying a steaming hot beverage more than getting out and meeting your fellow baby boomer singles.

However, the month of January features special social options that if you’re single, you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of.

Make plans now to get out and attend. The results you’ll enjoy will make it all worthwhile to brave the cold!

1. January specials

Many dance classes start in January. If you ignore them now, you’ll be missing out all winter long.

Contra dancing often features a beginners class at the start of their regular dances. However, square dancing and round dancing require a bit more class time before you can start attending dances.

Ballroom dance, square dancing and round dancing clubs all offer beginners classes launching in January. Typically the weeknight classes start in the second or third week of the month.

“Dancing puts you in front

of a variety of new people.”

2. Good fit

Dance class attendees are a good mix of couples and singles, so it never feels like a meat market to socialize and meet new people, making it comfortable for senior singles to participate whether you are newly divorced, widowed or have been single for a while now.

I’m emphasizing dance classes because I have case studies of numerous senior couples meeting and committing to a relationship and sometimes marriage from dancing.

Search the Web. Investigate the listings at your local parks and recreation centers, adult education and community colleges, as well as your online community bulletin boards for offerings in your area.

Additionally, read the announcements in your faith community’s monthly newsletter or weekly circular for activities starting this month. Many faith communities will list activities serving their congregation whether they are held on their premises or not.

3. Minimal commitment

Most of these starter dance classes offer a free or low cost entrance fee for the first few evenings, so you can get a taste for the dance style and feel if it’s the right fit for you.

Many of the ballroom classes and round dancing classes have a package you can purchase to get introduced to a variety of ballroom dances. Swing, salsa, square dancing and contra dancing typically allow you to simply to pay as you go.

No need to worry that you’ll need to invest in a dance ensemble suited for “Dancing with the Stars.” You can wear street clothes or just add a single dance accessory to your jeans or skirt and you’ll fit right in.

You can start a dance class often with street shoes. However, remember to wear extra comfortable shoes the first few times you attend, not the cool cowboy boots that have been sitting in your closet unworn these past five years.

You don’t want to get blisters and limp into the parking lot your first night out on the dance floor. You always have the option of purchasing dance shoes after you’ve determined which dance style is your favorite.

Dancing is great exercise that puts you in front of a variety of new people easily, comfortably and casually each night you attend. You’ll have so much fun while working out. You won’t even think of it as exercise.

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