How Long Should A Baby Boomer First Date Last

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How Long Should a Baby Boomer First Date Last?

April Braswell
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You’re a motivated midlife single looking for love online with a fellow baby boomer single.

You invested in great photographs. You plunked down your hard-earned cash and invested further in yourself by paying the membership fees at one of the better senior online dating sites.

You searched for great potential dates. You were proactive about communicating with the other attractive singles at the mature dating sites.

And now you two have agreed you want to meet for an in-person first date.

Don’t blow it all now by not knowing how long a first date should be.

Sure, we’ve all heard some stories of awesome and amazing first dates that led to major romance where that date lasted for hours.

However, to tell the truth, that is a romantic Hollywood notice. You don’t want to let all the fizz out of the bottle by having your first date last too long.

It’s better to flirt and keep it a little bit short, but not too short, and agree to meet for a second date than to have that first date go on for hours.


“The goal of a first date is

simply to flirt and connect.”

It’s just 60 minutes.

I recommend a guideline for first dates to last about one hour.

Sure, it’s OK if it goes on a bit longer, maybe up to about 75 minutes. However, be wary of allowing it to last much longer than the 75-minute mark.

You might be thinking you two are getting along great and the conversation is just flowing fantastically, but then you find that because the two of you revealed so much of yourselves to each other too fast and too quickly, you doused the little ember of romantic spark between you two.

Remember, this person is in many ways still a complete stranger. It’s better to allow your connection to build more naturally and organically over time than to cover too much too quickly.

The goal of a first date is simply to flirt and connect and get to a great second date!

In what ways do you keep your baby boomer first dates from lasting too long? Your comments are more than welcome!

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